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Blog Tour and Review: Iron Maiden by J T Maicke

Iron Maiden by J.T. Maicke

Iron Maiden: An Alternate History of the German Empire
by J.T. Maicke

Publisher: DX Varos Publishing, Inc
(October 31, 2023) 
Category: Historical fiction, Alternate History 
Tour Dates January17-February 23, 20224 
ISBN: 978-1955065917 
Available in Print and ebook, 
411 pages 
Iron Maiden

Description Iron Maiden by J.T. Maicke

What if a woman ruled Germany in 1914? This alternate history explores that very question. An elaborate attempt to rid Germany of the Hohenzollerns has left a young sole heiress, Christiana, to take the throne of the German Empire. But this is no typical princess, hidden away in a gilded cage. This college educated, expert fencer, and accomplished equestrienne is not the meek little girl the politicians think they will be able to control. She has her own ideas how to rule!

Praise for J.T. Maicke’s First Novel The Humble Courier

“A great story of an unlikely hero during an awful time. J.T. Maicke has crafted a compelling story of an unlikely hero during a most troubling time, the rise of Nazi Germany. This is a compelling book to read, whether you are a fan of historic fiction or simply seeking a terrific narrative and story. Maicke has created compelling and realistic characters that one can identify with, and truly care about. It is a story that will last with you long after the book is completed, and leaves one longing for new works from this author.”-John, Amazon Review “This was an engaging read. The years between the ending of WWI and the start of WWII set the stage for events that would completely change the world. Normally when we think of the world wars, we think of Germany occupying other countries, and not other countries occupying Germany. This book takes the reader to a point in time often overlooked, and lets us step into the story through the eyes of a Catholic priest who wishes for justice, and the freedom to practice his religion and minister to his parishioners. I loved Father Harti as a character, and thought Maicke did a wonderful job bringing him to life. It was easy to get lost in the story. A great book for historical fiction lovers.”- Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review “I have greatly enjoyed this book. I am impressed with the historical accuracy which makes the story even more compelling. The reader is draw into the story as if they were right there.”- J. Larkin, Amazon Review “A humble village, loving community caring Catholic priest. Sounds perfect, but then it centers in Germany in the 1930's. The idyllic life of the priest and others is turned around affecting not only the grownups but children as well. I especially liked the references at the back of the book to places and people. At the end of the story, I had tears in my eyes.”- Christine Mueller, Goodreads Review “An intriguing story set in Germany mainly during the early WWII era leading to thought provoking events! Harti is a Catholic priest of the small village where he was born. Sounds like a boring life? Oh, no, not for Harti! He is consumed by a deep sense of justice... That's only the beginning of Harti's trail of thoughts.... What I particularly enjoyed in this novel, lies in the writing style. All along the plot, the author gives a summarized account of the political situation in Germany along with the reactions of the Allies from the end of WWI on (French occupation after the Versailles Contract had been signed). I learned details I was not aware of, particularly about the role of the Catholic church at this time. Harti referred many times to the Bible (though not overwhelmingly) in order to find a way to find justice. That was for me very interesting and definitely thought provoking! The characters are fictional, some events and real people made fitting the story, but all made sense. A compelling novel!”-Christine, Amazon Review


In the Cabinet conference room next to his Wilhelmstrasse office, Chancellor von Eichenburg was about to proceed with the next item of business when he was interrupted by the sounds of cheers from outside on the street below. He gave his colleagues a puzzled glance, rose from his chair at the head of the table, and walked to one of the windows. He was soon joined by several other Cabinet members. To their surprise, a sizeable crowd was lining both sides of the Wilhelmstrasse, looking expectantly north toward Unter Den Linden, the main east-west boulevard running through the heart of Berlin. 

“What is happening?” asked Wermuth, the treasury minister.

“Is it a riot?” added General von Lyncker with a gasp. 

“Delbrück, see if you can find out what is going on,” von Eichenburg ordered the Interior Minister. 

Von Delbrück dispatched his secretary but, as soon as the young man opened the double doors to the conference room, he was met by a Guards major, accompanied by two infantrymen armed with rifles. 

“What is the meaning of this?!” demanded the Chancellor. “What is happening in the street?” 

“You and the rest of the Cabinet and your aides are to remain in the conference room, Herr Reichs Chancellor,” answered the major in a stern voice. “By order of her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Christiana.” 

“What!?” roared von Eichenburg. “What nonsense is this? You!” he ordered, pointing at von Delbrück’s secretary. “Go and find out what this is all about!” 

The secretary, a slim man in his twenties, turned toward the major and quailed under the officer’s hawk-like glare. The young man turned back toward the Chancellor, his hands spread, palms up, with a plaintive look on his face before stepping back away from the doors. 

“I repeat, Herr Reichs Chancellor,” stated the major flatly. “You and the rest of the Cabinet are ordered to remain in this room. The Empress will arrive shortly.” 

“The Empress! Here?” gasped von Schön. The Chancellor and his colleagues looked at one another in amazement and ran back to the windows, ignoring the Guards officer and his soldiers who remained at the double doors. 

The Cabinet members quickly opened the windows and leaned out looking toward the north just as the crowd on the street below erupted into cheers. Her Imperial Majesty, Kaiserin Christiana, escorted by over two hundred Guards cavalry and infantry, was riding down the Wilhelmstrasse in what appeared to be an impromptu parade. The Empress was accompanied by Generals von Heeringen, mounted one horse’s length behind her to the right, and von Löwenfeld, riding at a similar position to her left. Christiana waved to the cheering people on both sides of the street. Suddenly, she turned toward von Löwenfeld who then shouted an order for the parade to come to a halt.

Christa dismounted and walked to the left side of the street. General von Löwenfeld called for a squad of infantrymen to accompany the Empress, but she waved them back into formation. Instead, von Löwenfeld quickly dismounted and strode purposefully behind his queen.

Christa approached a little brown-haired girl, about ten years old, and a small boy, apparently her younger brother, standing by the curb. Both children were thin, dirty, and dressed in clothing that amounted to little more than rags. The little girl was clutching a small bouquet of drab, wilted flowers that might at one time have been pansies. The crowd drew back, jostling one another, the men frantically bowing and women curtsying as Christa approached. The children, wide-eyed, were at first too astonished to move, but then the girl nudged her brother who attempted a clumsy bow while his sister curtsied and held out her bouquet. Christa nodded to the urchins and accepted the girl’s dead flowers before taking a knee before them. 

“What are your names, my dears?” she asked. 

“I am Greta, Your Majesty,” answered the girl with a whisper Christa could barely hear. “Greta Vogel. And this is my brother, Uli. I mean Ulrich, Your Imperial Majesty.” 

“Where are your parents, children?” 

“We have no parents, Madam. Papa died at the factory and Mama got sick.” 

“Who takes care of you?” 

“We take care of each other,” the girl answered, looking down at her brother. Uli looked up at his older sister, smiled, and nodded. 

Christa, looked over her shoulder at von Löwenfeld and quietly gave an order. The old general smiled, clicked his boot heels together while giving a short, crisp bow of acknowledgement, and called over two cavalrymen who walked their horses toward the Empress and the children. Christa again turned toward the youngsters. 

“Would you like to join my parade?” she asked. The two children gasped and stared at one another in amazement before nodding enthusiastically. 

“Wonderful! These two men are going to give you a ride on their big horses. Then we will get something good to eat, alright?” Again, the children nodded fervently before the little boy suddenly reached out to Christa and hugged her tightly around her neck. The startled Empress laughed, hugged the boy back, and then reached out to Greta who joined in the embrace. The astonished crowd erupted into cheers and applause. General von Löwenfeld helped the children up onto the front of his Guardsmen’s saddles as Christa remounted and the parade continued. 

“Well, can you imagine the old Kaiser or his grandson doing something like that?” asked a tradesman wonderingly, referring to Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II. 

“I can’t even imagine the Emperor Friedrich doing something like that!” answered a man standing near him. The men and women within earshot nodded in agreement. 

And with that one simple gesture of kindness, Christa had won the love and admiration of the masses. Journalists in the crowd ran off to file their stories, which within hours spread throughout Germany and all over the globe, describing Christa as Germany’s new, beloved “People’s Queen.”

About J. T. Maicke

A self-described Germanophile, J.T. Maicke writes historical fiction novels that take place in Germany or among German-American communities in the Midwest. He has spent most of his life studying German history, geography, language, culture, customs, and cuisine. Maicke also spent several years living in and traveling throughout Central Europe, and he has visited many of the locations depicted in his novels. Maicke’s debut novel was ‘The Humble Courier.’ Website: https://www.jtmaicke.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jt.maicke/ Buy Iron Maiden by J.T. Maicke Amazon Barnes&Noble Bookshop.org DX Varos Publishing

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  Iron Maiden by J.T. Maicke


I honestly was not sure if I was going to enjoy reading Iron Maiden: An Alternate History of the German Empire or not. However, the cover and the blurb had me curious. I am so glad I took the chance and picked it up. I was far from being disappointed. I thought it was a great story of adventure, intrigue, and history with a strong female character in Christiana. I loved it.

I am giving Iron Maiden: An Alternate History of the German Empire five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy reading historical fiction with alternative twists. I would love to read other books from J T Maicke after reading this one. 

I received a paperback copy of J T Maicke's Iron Maiden: An Alternate History of the German Empire from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion. 

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Book Tour and Giveaway: Roses in December by Mark A Gibson


Book Details:

Book Title:  A Song that Never Ends (Hamilton Place Book I) by Mark A. Gibson
Category:  Adult Fiction 18 yrs +,  338 pages
Genre:  Family Saga Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction
Publisher:  Hamilton Press (Self)
Release date:   January, 2024
Content Rating: A soft R for the following: Language, although appropriate for situation, does have a smattering (perhaps 5 uses over 350 pages) of the F-word. Sexual situations are more so implied than graphic, although there is one soft description of fellatio. There is no use of derogatory descriptions for persons, sexes or races. No graphic violence is described.
Book Description:

For over three hundred years, that’s what the Hamilton family has called a shrinking swath of farmland in the Appalachian foothills of South Carolina.

That’s the failing tobacco farm where Walter and Maggie Hamilton choose to raise their three children. Walter has big plans to make the farm more profitable, but his plans are interrupted by World War II and family heartbreak. Walter returns from the war a changed man, and finds Maggie, too, has changed; neither of them for the better. But at least their family is together at...

More than anything, that’s where their eight-year-old son, Jimmy Hamilton, wants to be. However, after an unspeakable tragedy, he’s sent away from the only life he’s ever known—to live with a kindly uncle in North Carolina, far from…

That’s where Jimmy is finally going to be, unless fate has plans of its own…

A Song that Never Ends is the first installment of the Hamilton Place series, an epic family saga extending from the Great Depression to present day. Through war and peace, love and loss, triumph and tragedy; follow the Hamilton family on their journey from a run-down farm in South Carolina, through the jungles of Vietnam, to the top of the world in New York City, and beyond the gardens of stone at Arlington.
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Book Details:

Book Title:  Roses in December (Hamilton Place Book 2) by Mark A. Gibson
Category:  Adult Fiction 18 yrs +,  358 pages
Genre:  Family Saga Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction
Publisher:  Hamilton Press (Self)
Release date:   April, 2024
Content Rating: A soft R for the following: Language, although appropriate for situation, does have a smattering (perhaps 5 uses over 350 pages) of the F-word. Sexual situations are more so implied than graphic, although there is one soft description of fellatio. There is no use of derogatory descriptions for persons, sexes or races. No graphic violence is described.
Book Description:

Jimmy Hamilton overcame childhood tragedy to become a hero in Vietnam, only to die there in 1967. All but forgotten, Jimmy leaves behind a young wife, an infant son, and a man wracked by guilt.

Circumstances allow Becca, his young widow, to be manipulated into an abusive, loveless union with Jimmy’s brother and into raising her son ignorant of his father’s true identity—a wrong she knows must be set right…but how? When?

Like Jimmy before him, James, Jr. is an intellectually gifted, albeit troubled man. Hamstrung by the false narrative of his life and then tormented by an unspeakable loss, his days are spent treading the knife’s edge between present day reality and a past he’s incapable of forgetting.

With his final act of bravery, Jimmy unknowingly saved the scion of a powerful Washington family. In so doing, he set in place circumstances that just might draw his son back from the abyss…but only if he can somehow make it home from Vietnam.

Roses in December concludes the Hamilton Place series, an epic family saga extending from the Great Depression to present day. Through war and peace, love and loss, triumph and tragedy, follow the Hamilton family on their journey from a run-down farm in South Carolina, through the jungles of Vietnam, to the top of the world in New York City, and through the gardens of stone at Arlington.
Buy the Book:
(preorder now!)
Meet the Author:

Mark A. Gibson is a physician who practices Cardiology in the mountains of rural North Georgia. He was raised on a small farm in upstate South Carolina—the last postage-stamp sized sliver of a much larger parcel granted to the family by land grant from King Charles II in 1665—and may or may not have once gotten in trouble for digging up his mom’s calla lily bed in search of the family’s long-lost charter.

Dr. Gibson graduated from the Citadel in Charleston, SC with a BS in Biology. Afterwards, he received his medical degree from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, SC. He received his Internal Medicine training through the University of Tennessee Medical System and Cardiology training through the Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He served for eight years on active duty with the US Air Force, before leaving the military for private practice.

Although a cardiologist by profession, Dr. Gibson is a dreamer by nature. He is a self-styled oenophile who enjoys travel and fine food. In his spare time, he builds sandcastles and dreams of distant shores.

Roses in December represents Dr. Gibson’s second offering to the world of literature, and the conclusion of his Hamilton Place Series. All previous publications have been of the professional, peer-reviewed, medical variety, and make for lovely sleep aids.

Connect with the author: amazon  ~  X/Twitter  

Enter the Giveaway:
A SONG THAT NEVER ENDS (Hamilton Place) by Mark Gibson Book Tour Giveaway

My Review: 

Roses in December continues the Hamilton Place series by Mark A Gibson. I loved the first book in the series, A Song That Never Ends and was excited to have the opportunity to get my eyes and hands on this one. I was not disappointed. I once again find myself taking a journey with characters that I felt like they were part of my own circle and have come to love. James' story took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I felt tears to my eyes in one moment, while feeling my heart warm at others. An overall beautiful story.

I do want to warn readers that since Roses in December is part of a series, it would be best to read the series in order to enhance the reading experience. Readers would miss out on a lot of information from book one, A Song That Never Ends, and may feel a little lost by starting off with this one. 

I am giving Roses in December a very well well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy reading saga fiction, as well as, historical fiction. I would love to read more books and / or series like this from Mark A Gibson in the near future. He has earned himself a new fan.

I received a paperback copy of Mark A Gibson's Roses in December from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion. 

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Dial V for Valentine by Linda Shenton Matchett

About the Book

Book: Dial V for Valentine

Author: Linda Shenton Matchett

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day is perfect for a wedding. If only the bride will agree.

Being part of the military is not just a job for Fergus Rafferty, it’s a calling. He’s worked his way up the ranks and doing what he loves best: flying Apache helicopters. The only thing that will make his life complete is marrying Celeste. After he transfers to a unit scheduled to deploy in three months, he’s thrilled at the idea of marrying before he leaves so they can start their new life. Except Celeste wants to wait until he returns. Can he convince her to wed before he leaves?

Celeste Hardwicke has just opened her law practice when she finally accepts Fergus’s marriage proposal. Not to worry. She has plenty of time to set a date, then plan the wedding. Until she doesn’t. But a quickie wedding isn’t what she has in mind. Besides, why get married when the groom will ship out after the ceremony? When she stumbles on her great-grandmother’s diary from World War II, she discovers the two of them share the same predicament.

At an impasse, Celeste and Fergus agree to call into WDES’s program No Errin’ for Love. Will DJ Erin Orberg’s advice solve their dilemma or create a bigger divide? One they’ll both regret.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

Linda Shenton Matchett
writes about ordinary people who did extraordinary things in days gone by. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, she was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry (of Star-Spangled Banner fame) and has lived in historical places all her life. She is a volunteer docent and archivist at the Wright Museum of WWII and a former trustee for her local public library. She now lives in central New Hampshire where she explores the history of this great state and immerses herself in the imaginary worlds created by other authors.



More from Linda

My mom was born on February 14th, so when I was growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t about romance and falling in love. Instead, it was a celebration of my mother. When I was asked to participate in the multi-author project, You are on the Air, I was hesitant to accept because of having little connection to the holiday and the books in the series are contemporary romance. I primarily write historical romance. But I loved the concept: the stories revolve around couples who call into a Christian radio station for relationship advice. I spent about two weeks mulling over (and discarding) ideas, then I realized the plot was right in front of me.

I had just finished putting together an exhibit with the curator at the museum where I volunteer. One of the display items was a wedding gown made from a parachute. Included with the dress was a photograph of the couple, and their names and wedding date, but nothing else. The lack of information got my mind going, and I wondered about their story. Why did they wait until the end of the war to marry? Why not wed before the groom shipped out? Did they regret waiting? I realized that members of today’s armed forces might deal with the same situation and decided to combine the two plot lines. (See? I can’t leave my historical roots behind!)

In Dial V for Valentine, Celeste and Fergus struggle with the sacrifice that comes with true love. Not the you-can-have-the-last-cookie kind of love, but a love that puts another’s needs and wants above one’s own. What they learn is that we can only love successfully when we understand that love comes from God. We are capable of loving (mates, significant others, friends and the unlovely) because “He first loved us.” Love is an emotion, but it is also an act of obedience.

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To celebrate her tour, Linda is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Visa Gift Card and signed copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.


My Review

I have had the pleasure of reading previous books from author Linda Shenton Matchett and her newest release, Dial V for Valentine, was a pure delight to read. I enjoyed how the past was intertwined into the present to help the couple, Celeste and Fergus, to make the right choice for them. I had to read the book all the way to the end to find out what happens with them. An overall, good, quick read.

I am giving Dial V for Valentine four and a half stars. I believe readers who like to read clean romance, including military romance, would want to give it a read. It is definitely worth reading and not to be missed. 

I received a digital copy of Linda Shenton Matchett's Dial V for Valentine from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion. 

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: A Cherished Betrothal by Denise Weimer

About the Book

A Cherished Betrothal

Author: Denise Weimer

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: January 23, 2024

He rescued her once, but a chance at love will require the ultimate sacrifice.

Alexander Morris bears the childhood scars of the Long Canes massacre that killed his brother and father. Forced by his dark past into the lonely life of Georgia Ranger, Alexander joins the bordering South Carolina Rangers in their revolt against the Crown. When he’s posted to the fort erected to defend the community once decimated by the massacre, duty demands he court the loyalty of his sworn enemies, the fierce Cherokee warriors.

Elspeth Lawrence never forgot the boy who sacrificed himself for her at Long Canes—any more than she forgot the younger sister taken captive. She’s learned not only to forgive, but also to help minister to the Cherokees at her father’s mission. When Alex Morris arrives at nearby Fort Charlotte, Elspeth finds her memories—and her emotions—stirred. He doesn’t even remember her…or the long-ago attack. But the bitterness that simmers just beneath his stoic exterior—as well as her courtship by a local landowner—challenge their undeniable bond.

When Alex uncovers a long-held secret and a plot to sabotage patriot talks with the Cherokees, he must choose between his desire for revenge and his love for the girl he rescued long ago.


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

North Georgia native Denise Weimer has authored over a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas—historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and time slip. As a freelance editor and Acquisitions & Editorial Liaison for Wild Heart Books, she’s helped other authors reach their publishing dreams. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses.





More from Denise

That Event That Changed You Forever: The Backstory Catalyst of A Cherished Betrothal

Most of us can pinpoint it—a moment in time that forever altered us and the course of our lives. Maybe it was a place. Or a person. For good or bad, we can never go back to who we used to be. The good or bad depends on how we react to that moment, place, or person, doesn’t it? Whether we allow God to make us more like Him because of it.

Both the hero and heroine of my third novel in the Scouts of the Georgia Frontier, A Cherished Betrothal, live with such a moment. Experts in book plotting say our characters should have a dark moment in their backstory. For Alex Morris and Elspeth Lawrence, the Long Canes Massacre of 1760 is that dark moment. Together, they survived the attack of around a hundred Cherokee braves on a group of settlers fleeing across the South Carolina border into Georgia. Alex lost his father and brother, Elspeth her mother while her younger sister was taken captive. With the resilience of the Scots-Irish who formed a barrier between the colonies and the Native Americans, the Long Canes settlers returned to the border of South Carolina later that same year.

A Cherished Betrothal actually begins in 1775, with the South Carolina backcountry on the brink of revolution. Since the childhood attack, Alex has lost his sense of home. He draws his identity from his service as a Georgia and South Carolina Ranger (yes, this tale veers over the border into South Carolina and the fascinating history around the town of Ninety Six) and waits for the opportunity for revenge. He keeps his anger carefully banked, just as Elspeth hides her fear—especially when she has to face warriors who visit the mission for Cherokee children she runs with her minister father. She’s forgiven her enemies, but she can no more prevent her knees knocking upon sight of the braves than she can forget the boy who saved her life fifteen years ago.

It seems God has answered her prayers when Alex shows up at nearby Fort Charlotte. Only…he doesn’t remember her…or the dark moment that shaped both of their histories. Between Elspeth’s not-so-gentle pressure, a Cherokee boy Alex can’t shake as a shadow, and his commanders’ determination to court the Cherokees as allies for the Patriot cause, Alex is forced to look his past in the eye.

Pivoting between Fort Charlotte, the mission school, and the town of Ninety Six where Elspeth’s wealthy Loyalist admirer helps stir conflict, including the first battle of the Revolution in South Carolina, A Counterfeit Betrothal is a tale of unshakeable love and soul-deep healing. I loved this story so much when I was writing it, I wanted to move into Colonial Ninety Six. I hope you will too!

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To celebrate her tour, Denise is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.


My Review

I have adored the first two books from the Denise Weimer series, Scouts of the Georgia Frontier, was exited to have an opportunity to read book three, A Cherished Betrothal. I enjoyed Alex and Elspeth's story. It was one that had me wanting to learn more about the two and seeing what choices they would make in the end. I thought it was great.

I am giving A Cherished Betrothal a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy reading clean historical romance. I am eagerly waiting for the release of the fourth installment from the Scouts of the Georgia Frontier, A Conflicted Betrothal to see who I will be meeting and what adventures await next. 

I received a paperback copy of A Cherished Betrothal from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion. 

Friday, February 16, 2024

Review: Embers in the London Sky by Sarah Sundin



As the German army invades the Netherlands in 1940, Aleida van der Zee Martens escapes to London to wait out the Occupation. Separated from her three-year-old son, Theo, in the process, the young widow desperately searches for her little boy even as she works for an agency responsible for evacuating children to the countryside.

When German bombs set London ablaze, BBC radio correspondent Hugh Collingwood reports on the Blitz, eager to boost morale while walking the fine line between truth and censorship. But the Germans are not the only ones Londoners have to fear as a series of murders flame up amid the ashes.

The deaths hit close to home for Hugh, and Aleida needs his help to locate her missing son. As they work together, they grow closer and closer, both to each other and the answers they seek. But with bombs falling and continued killings, they may be running out of time.

My Review: 

Sarah Sundin is among my go to authors when it comes to second world war novels. I was excited to get my hands on her newest release, Embers in the London Sky. I was far from being disappointed. I loved the chemistry between Aleida and Hugh. Their story was not short on action and adventure. It was so fast paced, I did not want to put it down. It was great.
I would love to give Embers in the London Sky one hundred stars if I could. It has topped as my new favorite I have read by Sarah Sundin to date. I believe fans of historical fiction, particularly of World War II era, will love it as much as I did.
I received a paperback copy of Embers in the London Sky from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

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New Series Review and Giveaway: County Rescue

Check out this new family-friendly series on Great American Pure Flix starting 2/23!

Watch County Rescue on Great American Pure Flix starting 2/23!
New episodes release every Friday!

Great American Pure Flix is the streaming service with a 7-day free trial.

You can find Great American Family on this
channel finder or by texting RESCUE to 877-999-122


EMTs are courageous, everyday heroes, but it’s challenging to qualify
for this critical job. This is the story of an EMT unit who save lives
while navigating their own life, love, and faith.

Watch County Rescue on
Great American Pure Flix starting 2/23 and

My Review:

I enjoyed watching the first five episodes of County Rescue. Each episode follows each other that forces me to want to watch the following episode to see what happens. The show tackles some real life issues, such as, addiction and family dynamics. I love how the show incorporates the power of prayer and having faith. There are some a variety of scenes. One minute I could find myself wanting to find my tissue box, while I am smiling and giggling the next. I hope this will be a long running show to watch for years to come. 

I am giving County Rescue a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for viewers who love to watch clean and heartwarming rescue dramas. 

I received an early screener link to watch County Rescue from Great American Pure Flix but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.


Many thanks to Great American Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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