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Grand Finale and Giveaway: Promise for Tomorrow by Michelle De Bruin

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Launch - Author Interview

What was your motivation behind Promise for Tomorrow? Why did you want to write it?

My motivation was to tell a story based on actual events that happened in my family. This book is dedicated to my parents. They had to make the difficult decision, just like the hero did in this story, to sell the family’s farm ground. I witnessed their sense of loss and also their triumph in the years following the sale as they remained steady in their faith and true in their relationships. I wanted to write the story because I detected much potential for the sharing of testimony to the power of faith.

"This is a great story with a sweet romance. It has plenty of heartache and hardships as well as positive uplifting situations in the story. . . . I recommend this book to others who like a good romance."

A fragment of memory returned. “Karen.”

She glanced up with a question in her eyes.

“When I woke up a few minutes ago, what did I say to you?”

She blushed. “You called me an angel.”

“Then I wasn’t seeing things.” His hazy mind was finally catching up to his vision. “I said that because of how you look right now.”

"There were a few places were the book was a bit slow but, I enjoyed the plot twists. I enjoyed the part where the kids were playing pranks with each other even though, I felt for Karen."

"Promise for Tomorrow is the first book I have read by Michelle DeBruin. . . . After reading this, I realize she has a great talent at storytelling. . . . I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy clean historical fiction."

Heidi Reads... - Interview

What message would you like readers to ultimately take away from the book?

I would like readers to take away from my book the message that faith wins. Every day. All the time. This is true because God is faithful, and he carries us through trouble to the beautiful plans that he has dreamed up for our lives. When everything seems to be going wrong, or things don’t turn out the way we expect them to, we can still rest in the promises God has made to us because he will deliver and work his plan in our lives in his own good time.

"Promise for tomorrow is the second book in the series. I did not read the first book. This book is written as a stand-alone, but I would still recommend reading the first book. I plan on reading . . . Hope for Tomorrow."

Wishful Endings - Guest Post

The Top Ten Facts to Know About the Series and Characters

1. The character of Karen Millerson, the heroine, is based on my grandmother, Elizabeth Van Zante. She grew up during the 1920’s and then accomplished the completion of her college education during the depression, earning her bachelor’s degree in math and Latin. She went on to teach math at two different high schools before marrying my grandfather in 1947. . .

Pause for Tales - Review

"If you are looking for a sweet romance on the prairie look no further than Promise for Tomorrow. . . . Through it all however, Karen and Logan did make a great team. Especially all that was thrown their way. Their story made for an enjoyable read to pass the time with."

After a few moments Mama murmured, “Oh, my goodness.” Her gaze returned to him. Joy radiated on her face. “You’ve gone and fallen in love with our own dear, sweet Karen, haven’t you?”

Logan bit his lip. Never in his wildest dreams did he see things coming to this. Mama really should mind her own business more often.

“This is tremendous!”

Apparently no answer form him meant a “yes” in his household.

"I love a clean, sweet romance with obstacles that the characters must overcome and this one has plenty of obstacles and plenty of faith to get through the hard times. . . . There are characters I rooted for and some others who just annoyed me but in this book I always wanted Karen and Logan to live their best possible live because they deserved it after everything they went through."

Kimber Li - Guest Post

The Inspiration and Research for Promise for Tomorrow

The inspiration for this book, and for the entire Tomorrow series begins with the creation of the heroine of the story, Karen Millerson, who is a schoolteacher. She is from Chicago and has the training to teach English at a high school level. This character is based on my grandmother, Elizabeth Van Zante. She grew up during the 1920’s and then accomplished the completion of her college education during the depression, earning her a bachelor’s degree in math and Latin. She went on to teach math at two different high schools before marrying my grandfather in 1947. . .

"What a wonderful book full of faith. Michelle D Bruin has a delightful way with words that truly warms the heart. . . . If you love historical romances with a Christian background, then don't miss this amazing book. You'll find yourself lifted up as you read without even realizing it. Beautifully written Michelle!"

I'm Into Books - Guest Post

Top Ten Tips in Teaching at a Country School and Running a Dairy Farm

This list is based on the real-life experiences of the heroine and hero of the Tomorrow series, Karen Millerson and Logan De Witt.

Young women receiving their training to teach school should understand that they can only teach as single women. Marriage means the end of a career. This is because school administrators want to encourage married women to set a high priority on their own homes and families. . .

"Despite having not read the first book, I was able to get right into this one. . . . This reminded me of a more grown-up version of “Little House on The Prairie”, which is probably why I really enjoyed it. . . . Beautiful, inspiring, and timeless are just some of the words to describe this book. The cover is simple, colorful, and just gorgeous. It drew me in as if in advertising a place to stay at the farm."

What is your favorite genre to read? What about that genre draws you?

My favorite genre to read is also the genre I write in, Christian Historical Fiction. I’m drawn to this genre by the things I learn about a historical era or setting, as well as by the layers of spiritual truth written into the story. Christian fiction serves as an effective tool to demonstrate how faith shapes us and how God works in a person’s life.

"If you’re looking for a clean romance with a strong Christian theme, Promise for Tomorrow is a sweet choice. It’s not a complicated story, and the characters pride themselves on living a simple life. . . . I appreciated how the characters praised God for the positive in every situation, no matter how bleak the day looked. If you’ve read Amish fiction before, this book has a similar vibe."

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Promise for Tomorrow
By Michelle De Bruin
Christian Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 290 Pages
November 19th 2019 by Mantle Rock Publishing

Living a life of faith isn’t going the way Logan and Karen hoped until some special visitors arrive and offer them their future back.

Karen Millerson dreamed of teaching high school but now finds herself boarding with a farm family and teaching country school. She is engaged to marry Logan De Witt and is getting prepared to share in ministry with him. But when she gets blamed for the tragic fire at the school, Karen’s future grows uncertain.

Logan De Witt is working to clear his family’s name with the bank. But when he breaks his leg, hindering his ability to work the farm, Logan is faced with life-changing decisions. When his best friend can’t offer the help he requested, can Logan find a way to care for his family and court Karen at the same time before his love for her destroys all of them?

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Other Books in the Series

Hope for Tomorrow
By Michelle De Bruin
Christian Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 294 Pages
October 23rd 2018 by Mantle Rock Publishing LLC

When Logan De Witt learns of his father’s sudden death, he returns home to the family’s dairy farm. During his stay, he discovers his mother’s struggle with finances and his younger sister’s struggle with grief. Concern for his family presses Logan to make the difficult decision to leave his career as a pastor and stay on the farm. As a way to make some extra money, he agrees to board the teacher for their local school.

Karen Millerson arrives from Chicago ready to teach high school but her position is eliminated so she accepts the role of country school teacher. Eager to put her family’s ugly past behind her, Karen begins a new career to replace the trust she lost in her own father who had been in ministry when she was a child.

Logan and Karen both sense a call from the Lord to serve him, but neither of them expected that one day they would do it together.

Can Karen learn to trust again? Will Logan lay aside his grief in exchange for God’s purpose for his life?

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About the Author

Michelle De Bruin lives in Iowa with her husband and two teenage sons. She has a bachelor’s degree in Religion with a Christian Ministry emphasis, and in Music. Michelle is the spiritual services provider for an organization that offers services for people with mental and physical disabilities. She has been a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) since 2015. Michelle writes inspirational historical romance about people who live in rural communities. Characters that bring to life the delights of farm and small-town living, whispers of Dutch heritage, and Christian faith make Michelle’s stories distinct. A romantic at heart, Michelle is always on the lookout for glimpses of God’s love through the window of a good story. Her first book, Hope for Tomorrow, released in 2018. The sequel, Promise for Tomorrow, released November 2019.

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Excerpt Tour and Giveaway: Ancestral Whispers by Jo A Hiestand

Ancestral Whispers
by Jo A Hiestand 


GENRE: Mystery  (British)



Each year the residents of Nether Haddon celebrate the village’s founding in the time-honored way with games, music, and performances by their sword dancers. But something new is added to the fancy footwork this year: a team member dies ... murdered. Fear, jealousy and suspicion quickly engulf the group, emotions as tightly interlocked as the five swords used in the dance: a series of turns, jumps and clogging steps intricate as Celtic knots. Was the victim the intended target, or should it have been someone else? In the course of the CID investigation, a mysterious 17th century puzzle is discovered. Does it hold a clue to the murder? Detective Brenna Taylor and her colleagues have more than enough to worry about. But unbeknownst to her, career criminal King Roper has escaped from prison where he was serving time for murder. Now free and eager to settle the score for his capture, Roper tracks down Brenna’s whereabouts, ready for revenge...



“We’re forgetting that little poem or whatever it is that the lads found at Alastair’s house.”

I nodded. “It read like something out of Shakespeare.”

“What if it came down through Alastair’s and Simon’s family?” Mark began speaking more quickly, but he held his voice low. “What if Alastair and Simon were searching for something?”

Graham put the marker down beside him. “Like what?”

“Look.” Mark held up his left hand and ticked off the items on his fingers as he spoke. “Even though Simon denied it at first, we learned that both cousins were delving into genealogy. Mary confirmed Simon’s interest in the subject when she told us she would ask Simon to help her with her own research.”

“So you told us.”

“That bit of poetry found at Alastair’s house sounds ancient, like 1700s or something. That ties in with ancestral research, if that’s what Alastair and Simon were doing. Why else would he have it?”

“Could that be one of those love poems that Declan sent his girlfriend?”

Margo said the poem on Alastair’s desk didn’t sound at all like a love poem. “Anyway, why would Alastair have it if it was sent to Jessica?”

“Good point, Miss Lynch.” Graham leaned forward, his forearms on his thighs. “What about Alastair’s writing prowess? Do we know if he could write? I ask because I’m thinking back to Cyrano deBergerac. He wrote love letters for his friend. Maybe Simon was trying to counter Declan’s love poems with one of his own, but Simon didn’t have the knack, so he asks Alastair to write one for him.”

I frowned and Graham asked me what was the matter. “I’d believe it, sir, if Alastair’s poem was sugary, but that thing is so cryptic. I don’t think Jessica and Simon were together long enough to warrant such an obscure message. Anyway, a man wouldn’t write his love like that these days, would he? Why not just say ‘I love you forever’ and put it with a dozen roses? I think that’s a non starter, if you’ll forgive me.”

“Don’t apologize for thinking, Taylor.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A month-long trip to England during her college years introduced Jo to the joys of Things British.  Since then, she has been lured back nearly a dozen times and lived there during her professional folksinging stint. 

Jo’s insistence for accuracy--from police methods and location layout to the general “feel” of the area--has driven her innumerable times to Derbyshire for research.  These explorations and conferences with police friends provide the details filling both her Peak District mysteries and the McLaren mystery series.

In 1999 Jo returned to Webster University to major in English.  She graduated in 2001 with a BA degree and departmental honors.

Her McLaren mystery, BLACK MOON, received the ‘N.N. Light Best Mystery Book’ award for 2019.

Jo lives with her cat, Tennyson, and way too many kilts in the St. Louis-area.


Social Media Links

Trade Paper:

E-Book edition:


Jo A Hiestand will be awarding a $30 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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VBT, Interview and Giveaway: Poisoned Pawn by David Siegel Berstein

Poisoned Pawn
by David Siegel Bernstein

GENRE:   Detective, Mystery


Caleb Jacobs is a man with a past. After serving on a failed dark ops assignment in Afghanistan, he leaves Marine Corps Intelligence to try to build a new life in Philadelphia as a homicide police detective.

Jacobs is happy, for a time, until he is assigned to solve the murder of Shannon Faraday. During the investigation, he is convinced the evidence points to him as the killer. He knows it is only a matter of time before other investigators see the same. He has no alibi and the clock is counting down.

Behind his partner’s back, Jacobs hires a private investigator named Lawrence Holmes. The PI is an irritation to the police, but he is unmistakably brilliant. And, many powerful people in the city owe him favors. Holmes is a bit odd. He insists on calling Jacobs Watson but claims to never have heard the name Sherlock. Jacobs can live with this kind of crazy as long as together they find the real killer.

They quickly link the murder to a series of seemingly unrelated crimes occurring throughout Philadelphia, and Jacobs becomes convinced the murder is related to the truth of what had happened during his time in Afghanistan. Old secrets have come back to haunt him.


I felt like --- for having to hire a private investigator, especially one who was most likely insane. Still, I couldn’t deny that his type of crazy got results. Reluctantly I handed over an envelope to the man sitting on the sun-bleached bench. 

He opened it. Satisfied with my offering, he slid it into his jacket. “Ah, Watson,” he said. “Good to see you again.”

I shook my head and dropped onto the bench next to him. “My name is Jacobs. Caleb Jacobs,” I said, hoping the reminder might stick this time. 

He turned to me. “Did you say something?”

I sighed. “No, Holmes.” 

If I wasn’t desperate for his help, I’d strangle him. Of course my superiors at the Philadelphia Homicide Unit wouldn’t appreciate that. But I wondered if a cop hiring a private investigator was any worse of a violation. I needed Lawrence Holmes for his connections and unique viewpoint, things my PHU colleagues couldn’t provide. He might not be the fictional character he played at, but he was a talented PI.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

To support his writing addiction and excessively extravagant lifestyle, David Siegel Bernstein, PhD, is a data scientist who consults as a forensic statistician. That sounds really boring until you realize that his clients include the US National Security Agency (NSA), the Secret Service, the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and a host of other acronymonious agencies who cultivate exciting and shadowy reputations. Alas, those reputations are mere facades that disguise the real reason these organizations exist, which is to keep him entertained and fed.
When David wants a break from this spellbinding work, he writes. His fiction credits encompass two novelettes and sixty shorts. His nonfiction has appeared in newsletters, popular blogs, academic journals and he is the author of the book Blockbuster Science: The Real Science in Science Fiction.
He lives within the shadow of Philadelphia with his wife, Michelle, two children, Seth and Gwendolyn, and a dog named Ringo Biggles Woofington.

twitter: @DavidBernstein

instagram @davidsieglebernstein



What author influences you the most? 

Nope. I’m not going to give only one. Influences rise and fall by how much they are needed at the time. For my recent project I was influenced by Harlan Ellison and Neil Gaiman. They taught me how to buzz sawed through the barriers between genres. 

For the mystery in Poisoned Pawn, I get inspiration from the likes of Rex Stout, Agatha Christi, and Conan Doyle. I turn to Dan Silva, Lee Child and Jonathan Maberry to get hyped about the thriller component in my book. 

What does your writing space look like? 

Do you like the look of chains? I write in my dungeon. It is a scary place, and not for the faint hearted. Come in and play. I dare you. Sighs. Okay, yes, it might be fun to play in a dungeon, but I don’t really have one. Perhaps someday, just not today. 

My writing process is a messy. I write when I have the free time and in almost any location. Coffee shop, home, bar, etc. 

Is there a "must have" when you are writing? 

I’d like to say talent, but that isn’t the “must have.” What you need to be an author is persistence. Write, write, write, every day. Choose a word count (500, 1000, whatever) and commit to writing that amount every day. If a goof like me can do it, anyone can.

Also, patience and self-forgiveness is important. In most cases the story you start out with isn’t the one that is going to be completed. Typically your first idea is a springboard for your next one, and so on. So learn to be flexible in your writing. 

When did you decide to become an author? 
That is a deep question. Darn you. I was hoping you would pitch me at least one softball question. Okay, there was no specific moment when I made the decision. The credit or blame goes to my mother. She was a writer and encouraged me to try my hand at it as a wee lad. For good or ill, I’ve never stopped. I decided during high school I wanted be an author, but it wasn’t until. I sold my first story that I bragged about it. Not long after that I felt like a fraud (Don’t judge me!). Even now, after over 100 publications, two novelettes, and two books I’m still uncomfortable calling myself an author.



David Siegel Bernstein will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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