Saturday, September 30, 2017

Showing Off Saturday #2

Hello Everyone!
For my followers who are interested in my Locker Hooking projects, I'm starting a new series called "Showing Off Saturday" to share what I have been working on. 

So here goes
Showing Off Saturday #2.

Amish Girl Doll Sitting on Chair Rug/ Table Cover

Come back next Saturday to see what I will be sharing then. 

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Review: Cherished Mercy (Heart of the Frontier #3) by Tracie Peterson

Blurb (from Amazon):

Mercy Flanagan survived the Whitman Massacre as a child, and now her heart's cry is for peace between the native peoples and the white settlers inhabiting Oregon Territory. Unfortunately, most of the settlers would rather the tribes were removed from the land completely, one way or the other, and tensions are rising. Mercy has grown tired of Oregon City and feels that she has a larger purpose in life, so when she learns that family friend Eletta Browning is pregnant, she travels south to the Rogue River Valley to help.

At the Rogue River Mission, Mercy meets Eletta's brother-in-law, Adam, who has suffered a broken engagement. Mercy finds him attractive, but Adam seems determined to focus on ministering to the local tribes and keeps Mercy at arm's length.

When tragedy strikes and tensions in the territory reach the boiling point, Mercy is pushed to the limit of her strength. She and Adam must rely on their firm faith in God in order to make it out alive.

My Review:

Cherished Mercy is the third installment from Tracie Peterson's Heart of the Frontier series. I have not read the others in the series and did not feel lost or feel like I was missing something that had happened in the earlier books. So, I would say it can be read as a stand-alone.

I enjoyed Cherished Mercy. I felt like I was transported back in time to the early frontier and experience the struggles and horrors the people went through to live. I thought it was a wonderful story to show the power of forgiveness, hope, faith and love.

I would give this story 4 stars and recommend it for those who love a good, clean historical.

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Spotlight and Review: Planting Hope (Where the Heart Is #3) by Brenda S Anderson

Brenda S. Anderson writes gritty and authentic, life-affirming fiction. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, and is Past-President of the ACFW Minnesota chapter, MN-NICE, the 2016 ACFW Chapter of the Year. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, theater, roller coasters, and baseball, and she loves watching movies with her family. She resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with her husband of 30 years, their three children, and one sassy cat.
Connect with Brenda ~

Where the Heart Is Series
  • Planting Hope (Where the Heart Is #3)
When flowers and chocolate collide, romance is sure to bloom
Family has always been the one constant in Jess Beaumont’s messy life, so when her parents separate, she puts “Operation: Planting Hope” into action. All she has to do is recreate the circumstances that helped her parents fall in love. Unfortunately, that includes the daunting task of restoring the family cabin’s gardens. When the handsome candy store owner shows up to help, she’s certain she has all the elements required for her parents’ love to bloom again. After all, flowers and chocolate are the perfect ingredients for romance.
Luke Harrison has spent his life trying to win his father’s approval, and a promotion in the family land development business would be a step in that direction. But when he inherits Gran’s candy store, his dreams of being promoted start melting away. Then his dad dangles a Vice President position in front of Luke, with one caveat—acquire the land on both sides of Gran’s store within five months, including the Beaumont cabin, and the promotion is his.
What at first seemed a simple challenge for Luke becomes a tangled mess. Buying the Beaumont cabin and land will nip his blossoming romance with Jess in the bud. Even worse, it could end her parents’ marriage. But if he doesn’t succeed, he could be trading in his corner office for the corner candy store.
MY REVIEW:Planting Hope is the third installment from Brenda S Anderson's Where the Heart Is series. I have loved each and every one of the books of this series, but Planting Hope is by far my favorite. It is such a delightful read full of love, hope, faith and inspiration. I loved the characters, Jess and Luke. The scenes with those two were wonderful. The book toys with the reader's emotions. I was brought to tears at times and had to snicker at others. This is my kind of story. Loved it!
Highly recommended.
100 stars
I received this book from the author, but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

  • Risking Love (Where the Heart Is #1)

She holds the key to his heart, and his home. Can she risk falling in love with a man whose house she may have to take away?
Bank employee Lissa Morgan likes all the columns of her life to add up. From her job to romance, every major decision is planned out. But before she can go out on a date with Mr. Perfect, she attends a charity auction with her meddling mom who wins Lissa a date with thrill-seeker Caleb Johnson.

Caleb lived for adventure until heart disease stole his wife’s life. Then debt closed his business and now threatens to take his home. With a toddler to raise, he vows that his risk-taking days are over. But then he meets the cautious yet curious Lissa Morgan and decides it’s time to take one more risk—this time on love.

When Lissa learns the extent of Caleb’s debt, she wonders if she can collect on his heart if she forecloses on his home. And why is she falling for the wrong man—one who challenges her to leap from her orderly life and into his waiting arms?

  • Capturing Beauty (Where the Heart Is #2)

Photographer Haven Carlysle is a changed man. Six years earlier, he had run from his tragedy-filled life in Duluth. Now he's back in town to capture the North Shore's beauty ... and to recapture the love of his son. But that means making amends with his ex-girlfriend too. When camera-leery Callie Beaumont steps in to bridge the relationship between Haven and his former family, he's wary, but she's his only hope.

Callie Beaumont is surrounded by beauty. Her parents are local news celebrities. Her sister is a model. And Callie is ... Ordinary. All her life, Callie has longed to work outdoors soaking up God-breathed beauty, and the opportunity is finally on the horizon. But being the liaison between the handsome photographer and his son has thrown her dreams, and her heart, into chaos.

Can Haven capture her heart when she won't let him capture her image? And will his poor choices cost Callie her dream job and him the love of his son?

Other Books by Brenda S. Anderson
Coming Home Series:
Pieces of Granite (Prequel)
Chain of Mercy (book #1)
Memory Box Secrets (book #2)
Hungry for Home (book #3)

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Review: Home All Along (Amish Secrets #3) by Beth Wiseman

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Charlotte has made a home for herself in Amish Country with Daniel. But unforeseen events rock their fragile world and may move them even further away from the life they long for.

Charlotte, an Englisher, is living in Amish Country, and she has formed strong and lasting bonds with the people in her new community. She has even fallen in love with an Amish man. But just when she is considering a permanent conversion to the Amish way of life, her world crashes around her. An unexpected death and a mysterious visitor unsettle Charlotte, and she begins to question her faith and her choices.

Daniel loves Charlotte and wants to share his life with her, even it if means leaving the only world he’s ever known. But as he walks alongside of her through her struggles, his own world is turned upside down when a loved one receives a grim medical diagnosis and a prodigal relative returns home. Will Charlotte and Daniel’s relationship succumb to the many pressures around them, or will their faith and the strong community around them allow them to weather the storms of their own lives in order to build a life together?

My Review:

Home All Along is book three from Beth Wiseman's Amish Secrets series. I have read the first two books of the series, Her Brother's Keeper and Love Bears All Things, and this one is my favorite. I felt a connection to Charlotte throughout because of what she had endured and I could relate with her and I understand her. It definitely got me emotional at times. Beth Wiseman perfectly knew how to write those things. I, also, loved Daniel's love, patience, sweetness and faith. An all-around story of faith, forgiveness, redemption and finding yourself. 

Highly recommended. 

5 plus stars. 

I received this book from the publisher, but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Review: The Christmas Blessing by Melody Carlson

Blurb (from Amazon):

When she receives the news in late 1944 that her baby's father was shot down in the South Pacific, Amelia Richards loses hope. Jobless and broke, she has nowhere to turn for help but her infant's paternal grandparents. The only problem is, they don't know that she--or their grandson--exists. When Amelia discovers that the family is wealthy and influential, dare she disclose the truth of her relationship with their son? Or could the celebration of the arrival of another unexpected baby nearly two thousand years ago be the answer to her dilemma?

Beloved author Melody Carlson pens a story of love, hardship, and reconciliation that will leave readers filled with Christmas joy

My Review: 

The Christmas Blessing is another beautiful read by Melody Carlson. I love her Christmas stories and this one did not disappoint. It is a story full of loss and heartache, faith and inspiration, and love and hope. The author did a great job showing the emotions of the characters. There were a few scenes that brought tears to my eyes and made me smile in others.

The Christmas Blessing is a good, clean, and quick read. I liked it and I recommend other readers to add it to their Christmas reading list.

Four stars.

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Blog Tour: Review and Excerpt: Twilight Empress: A Novel of Imperial Rome by Faith L Justice

Twilight Empress: A Novel of Imperial Rome by Faith L. Justice

Publication Date: May 12, 2017
Raggedy Moon Books
eBook & Print; 392 Pages
Series: The Theodosian Women, Book 1
Genre: Fiction/Historical/Action & Adventure
Twilight Empress tells the little-known story of a remarkable woman—Galla Placidia, sister to one of the last Roman Emperors. Roman princess, Gothic captive and queen—Placidia does the unthinkable—she rules the failing Western Roman Empire—a life of ambition, power and intrigue she doesn’t seek, but can’t refuse. Her actions shape the face of Western Europe for centuries. A woman as well as an Empress, Placidia suffers love, loss, and betrayal. Can her strength, tenacity and ambition help her survive and triumph over scheming generals, rebellious children, and Attila the Hun? Or will the Dark Ages creep closer and bring down the Empire?

Amazon US | Amazon CAN | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | IndieBound | Kobo





Placidia put the parchment down, closed her eyes, and rubbed her temples in a futile attempt to ease her headache. She had had little sleep the night before, and less to eat, as she worked with the city elders to avert this most recent crisis. With the Visigoths at the gates of Rome for the third time in three years, the city was exhausted—little food, few defenders, and no hope of rescue from the Imperial Court, which was safe behind the protecting marshes of Ravenna. At twenty-two, she should have been safely married, raising children; not picking up the pieces of an empire dropped from the careless hands of her half-brother, the Emperor Honorius.
“Treason and betrayal, Mistress!”
The urgency in Paulus’ gruff voice drove all tiredness from her body. Nothing chilled her blood as much as the cry of ‘treason.’ The word summoned unwanted images of her adopted sister Serena, struggling against the executioner’s garrote, and Serena’s husband Stilicho’s head on a pike. The unwarranted death of the two people who raised her had precipitated her flight from the Ravenna court and her estrangement from her brother.
Placidia took a deep breath and steadied her hands.
“What treason?” She managed a calm voice despite her racing heart.
“Someone opened the Salarian Gate. The barbarians are in the streets. We must flee to safety.”
Placidia chewed her lower lip, rapidly forming and discarding options to save her household. There were rules to sacking a city, and Placidia hoped King Alaric would abide by them. One of those rules provided sanctuary in Christian churches. The Gothic King was purportedly a devout Christian, if of the Arian heresy.
“What are your orders, Mistress?” The light of battle gleamed in Paulus’ eyes. A Vandal soldier wounded in Stilicho’s service, he had been with her since she was a child.
“Deploy my personal guards at the bottom of the hill. Take the rest of the servants to the Basilica of St. Peter immediately and claim sanctuary. I’ll come with the guards as soon as I destroy these documents.”
Placidia grabbed the nearest of several piles of parchment—letters of support; reports on food and supplies throughout the Empire—and laid them in an unlit bronze brazier. She would give the enemy no helpful information. Her hands trembled as she poured oil on the papers and lit them from her lamp. Smoke curled from the parchment, irritating her eyes.
“I’ll send the servants away, Princess, but do not ask me to leave you alone. I’ve seen my share of sacked cities.”
“I want you to go with the servants, Paulus.”
His face set in a familiar stubborn cast.
“I don’t have time to argue. What can a crippled old man do here?”
The stubborn look gave way to one of hurt pride.
Placidia softened her tone. “I have lost all whom I love in the past two years. The man and woman who were more to me than father and mother, my cousins, my…betrothed.” Her voice caught. “I have no wish to lose the one person left from my past. I care for you, my friend, and want to see you safe.”
“Do you think I care less for you?” Paulus’ eyes glittered with unshed tears. “You are the last of my lord’s household. I am bound to you by oath and blood.”
Screams echoed down the colonnade, accompanied by splintering wood and crashing crockery. Placidia froze like a rabbit before a snake. My people are lost. The raiders must have ridden hard and fast to get to the palace so soon.
Paulus grabbed the small knife Placidia used to break the wax seals on her letters, and rushed toward the door. “Come, Princess, we will go to the oratory. Perhaps they will honor sanctuary there.”
Placidia shook her head. “If King Alaric wants me dead, the chapel won’t shelter me. If he wants me alive, perhaps I can extend that privilege to my household by being bold rather than timid.”
A scream, choked off in the middle, sent Paulus through the door at a limping run. Placidia piled the rest of the papers onto the blaze and dashed out after him.
She faltered at the scene. Normally, the central garden with its splashing nymphaeum was a soothing refuge from the heat of the August sun. Now a cadre of at least fifty Gothic warriors systematically herded the palace servants into the leafy refuge, releasing the scent of lavender and rosemary as their leather-clad feet trampled herbs and flowers. They used the flats of their swords, sometimes striking a lagging slave, to push them into a tight knot of gibbering humanity.
Unlike the wildly varying dress and armor of most barbarian warriors, these wore more or less matching knee-length green tunics trimmed with scarlet at the neck and hem. Most also sported mail shirts and Roman-style helmets—rare, these days, even among Roman troops.
At least King Alaric sent an elite corps to take me.
One warrior spied her under the colonnade and rushed forward, grinning.
Paulus jumped in front of the man, threatening him with the letter knife. “Don’t touch her! She’s the…”
The barbarian brushed the knife aside with a sweep of his arm and struck Paulus with the silvered hilt of his sword.
The old man sank to the ground, senseless or dead, a large gash bleeding profusely on his forehead.
Placidia stalked into the garden, back rigid, face pale.
“Stop at once!” Her voice pierced the scene, turning it momentarily into a tableau.
The advancing warrior bared his teeth and said, in execrable Latin, “Roman woman not a mouse—more my liking.”
“I am Princess Galla Placidia, sister of Emperor Honorius, daughter of Emperor Theodosius the Great, Granddaughter of Emperor Valentinian. On pain of death, I demand you leave us in peace.”
The barbarian hesitated, confusion clouding his eyes.
Placidia suppressed an inappropriate smile. Her impressive list of relationships didn’t square with her ink-stained fingers, plain blue linen gown, and unadorned curly brown hair.
“Leave her, Berig.” A commanding voice rose from among the warriors.
A red-haired barbarian muscled his way through the pack. She had not seen him because he stood half a head shorter than most of his companions. He looked her over speculatively.
“You have the bearing of a royal, if not the accouterments.” He motioned to the slaves nearest them. “Is this your mistress?”
To their credit, they all looked to Placidia before answering. She nodded permission.
Watching the by-play, the warrior said, “I commend you on your servants, Princess. They are most loyal.” He smiled, showing white, even teeth in a tanned face framed by a red beard. Lines gathered at the corners of his green eyes. “I am Ataulf, General and Master of King Alaric’s cavalry.”
The Gothic King honors me by sending his heir and second-in-command. “General.” Placidia drew her slender form into a commanding pose. “Have these…men…vacate my residence at once.”
“We will leave shortly, Princess. King Alaric sent me to escort you to our camp. You are to be the guest of the King and the Gothic people.”
“Do not pretty the package, sir. I am a hostage. For what other reason would you force me from my home?” She waved her right arm in a sweeping arc. “You strip Rome and seek to squeeze additional treasure from my brother.”
“King Alaric recognizes your…value.”
His hesitation hinted at deeper motives for her detainment. Perhaps Alaric wished more than gold from her estranged brother. And little will he get—gold or otherwise—from that lack-wit.

About the Author

Faith L. Justice is a science geek and history junkie, which is reflected in her writing. Her short stories and poems have appeared in such publications as "The Copperfield Review", "Beyond Science Fiction and Fantasy", and the "Circles in the Hair" anthology. Faith has published in such venues as "", "Writer’s Digest", "The Writer", and "Bygone Days". She’s an Associate Editor for "Space & Time Magazine", a frequent contributor to "Strange Horizons", and co-founded a writer’s workshop more years ago than she cares to admit. To contact Faith, read her essays and interviews, or get a sneak preview of her historical novels, visit her website at You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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My Review

Twilight Empress is a pretty good read by Faith L Justice. This is not exactly my favorite time period to read in historical fiction but the author had a way of keeping my interest and want to keep reading. I really liked Placidia and wanted to see what else would happen to her next. She is one strong woman that endured so much and overcame.

I would give this book 4 ½ stars and recommend it to those who love historical fiction.

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Showing Off Saturday #1

Hello Everyone!
For my followers who are interested in my Locker Hooking projects, I'm starting a new series called "Showing Off Saturday" to share what I have been working on. 

So here goes
Showing Off Saturday #1.

Black Bear Sihouette Hot Pad/ Table Cover

Matching Black Bear Paw Prints Hot Pad/ Coasters

Come back next Saturday to see what I will be sharing then. 

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway: Stars in Their Eyes by Pema Donyo

Stars in Their Eyes by Pema Donyo

Publication Date: September 18, 2017
Crimson Romance
eBook; 120 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance
This beautifully sweeping story of dueling ambitions and restless hearts in the roaring twenties will captivate fans who loved the romance of the Oscar-winning film La La Land and Paula McLain's bestselling novel The Paris Wife. The bohemian salons and wild cabarets of 1920s Paris are just the place for Owen Matthews to pursue his writing and make the right connections in the literary scene. But six years after leaving Los Angeles and the love of his life, he still strives for success. Penning a new screenplay for his friend’s film might just help keep the lights on a bit longer in the City of Lights. Iris Wong is used to sacrifice and rejection as an Asian-American actress. She’s determined to take full advantage of her new leading role in a Parisian silent film—and the director’s romantic interest in her. Playing the game almost guarantees she’ll be able to break through the industry’s racism and become the silver screen star she’s dreamed of being since she earned her first nickel as a Hollywood extra. When these two star-crossed lovers unexpectedly reunite, they get a second chance to reconcile their hearts’ desires with their dreams of fame and fortune. Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books-a-Million | Google Play | iTunes | Kobo

About the Author

Pema Donyo is a full-time finance professional, part-time author, and at-all-times coffee lover. She believes creativity can be infused into all endeavors, whether building a brand new story world or solving a quantitative problem. She currently lives in San Francisco. Pema's novels include The Innocent Assassins, One Last Letter, and Revolutionary Hearts. For more information, please visit Pema's website. You can also find her on Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon. Sign up to receive news & updates from Pema Donyo.

Blog Tour Schedule

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During the Blog Tour we will be giving away 2 eBooks of STARS IN THEIR EYES! To enter, please enter via the Gleam form below. Giveaway Rules – Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on September 27th. You must be 18 or older to enter. – Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. – Only one entry per household. – All giveaway entrants agree to be honest and not cheat the systems; any suspect of fraud is decided upon by blog/site owner and the sponsor, and entrants may be disqualified at our discretion. – Winner has 48 hours to claim prize or new winner is chosen. Stars in Their Eyes

My Review

Stars in Their Eyes is a good, short historical by Pema Donyo. It deals with the early years of Hollywood, which I found fascinating. It was interesting to see the struggles the performers went through back then. The story was rather slow at times but did pick up quickly. I think I would have liked the story better if it was longer and I would have gotten to know the characters better. Maybe it would flowed more for me. I did like what I had read, just would have liked more. I hope to read a full length novel by this author in the future.

3 1/2 stars - worth a read.

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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