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Book Tour and Giveaway: Spent Identity by Marlene M Bell

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Spent Identity
(Annalisse Series #2)
By Marlene M. Bell
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 378 Pages
December 11th 2019 by Ewephoric Publishing

To find her missing aunt, she has to unearth the secrets of the past. But lies and deceit run through the very heart of their town….

What started out as a promising relationship with adventurer and tycoon Alec Zavos has fizzled into an uncertain future for antiquities expert Annalisse Drury. Returning to Walker Farm in Upstate New York to see her Aunt Kate should have been a welcome homecoming and distraction. Instead, she finds the childhood home she expected to inherit is for sale, without her permission. What’s worse, Kate’s ranch manager makes a gruesome discovery in the barn: the body of a man, dead by foul play.

Annalisse turns in Alec’s direction for help. She and her aunt shelter on his estate in the Catskills while the authorities canvass the scene. But when Kate herself disappears without a trace, Annalisse fears the worst: that one of the many secrets of her hometown has ensnared her family—a secret someone is willing to kill for to keep hidden.

Praise for the Book

"The story is welcoming and vibrant, and much of it is nuanced and warm. When Bell aims for fun adventure, she hits the bull's-eye." - Booklife Review

"...Bell keeps her well-paced story moving. Her use of dialogue to drive the narrative is excellent and she sticks the twist ending nicely, one of the harder tricks to pull off in this genre. Her characters are vivid and spot-on..." - IndieReader Review

"Ambitiously written, Spent Identity has lots of action, a solid narrative, and engaging dialogue that give it substance, while the theme of betrayal cuts a wide swath. Enhanced with a cast of well-balanced and wide-ranging characters, Spent Identity acts as more than a run of the mill mystery, with engaging and relatable family relationships woven into the mains storyline. Suspenseful and well-crafted, Spent Identity is a consistently entertaining read." Self-Publishing Review

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Other Books in the Series

Stolen Obsession
(Annalisse Series #1)
By Marlene M. Bell
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 294 Pages
June 30th 2018 by Ewephoric Publishing

People die, but legends live on.

New York antiquities appraiser Annalisse Drury recently lost her best friend to murder. The killer’s identity may be linked to her friend’s expensive missing bracelet—a 500-year-old artifact that carries an ancient curse, one that unleashes evil upon any who dare wear the jewelry created for the Persian royal family.

Weeks later, Annalisse sees a matching necklace at a Manhattan gallery opening. She begs the owner to destroy the cursed piece, but her pleas fall on deaf ears—despite the unnatural death that occurs during the opening. With two victims linked to the jewelry, Annalisse is certain she must act.

Desperate, Annalisse enlists the gallery owner’s son to help—even though she’s afraid he’ll break her heart. Wealthy and devastatingly handsome, with a string of bereft women in his wake, Greek playboy Alec Zavos dismisses Annalisse’s concerns—until his parents are ripped from the Zavos family yacht during their ocean voyage near Crete.

Annalisse and Alec race across two oceans to save his mother, feared dead or kidnapped. When the killer changes tactics and goes after Alec behind Annalisse’s back, can her plan to rescue Alec’s mother save them all?

Hold on for a heart-thumping, thrilling adventure through exotic lands in this fast-moving romantic suspense mystery by Marlene M. Bell.

Praise for the Book

"Debut author Bell delivers a great, slow-building romance, gently examining her characters' painful pasts." — Kirkus Reviews

"An irresistible page turner and a successful melding of thriller and romance. With a splash of international adventure and plenty of surprises, Stolen Obsession is an entertaining read and a great beginning to the Annalisse Series." — Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

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About the Author

Marlene M. Bell is an award-winning writer and acclaimed artist as well as a photographer. Her sheep landscapes grace the covers of Sheep!, The Shepherd, Ranch & Rural Living, and Sheep Industry News, to name a few. Her catalog venture, Ewephoric, began in 1985 out of her desire to locate personalized sheep stationery. She rarely found sheep products through catalogs and set out to design them herself. Marlene and her husband, Gregg, reside in beautiful East Texas on a wooded ranch with their dreadfully spoiled horned Dorset sheep, a large Maremma guard dog named Tia, along with Hollywood, Leo, and Squeaks, the cats that believe they rule the household—and do.

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Spent Identity continues the Annalisse series by Marlene M Bell. I previously read and enjoyed the first book in the series, Stolen Obsession. I liked this story even more. The mystery and suspense was, also, filled with some twists and turns that kept me interested as to what would happen next. 

I am giving Spent Identity four and a half stars. I am hoping there will be a third installment from the Annalisse series in the near future. 

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: A Jingle Valley Wedding by Martha Reynolds

Join Us for this Tour from January 27-February 14!

Book Title A Jingle Valley Wedding (A Happily Ever After Series Book 1) by Martha Reynolds
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+)
Genre Women's Fiction
Publisher CreateSpace Publishing
Release date:   November 2015
Tour dates: January 27 to February 14, 2020
Content Rating: PG + M:
No profanity, but it's geared more for adults (there's a one-night stand). No explicit sex at all.

New York executive Julie Tate knows what it takes to win in the financial world, but her big-city success could never prepare her for her latest career move. When her brother abandons the failing family farm, Julie hopes its salvation lies in transforming it into western Massachusetts's newest premier wedding venue. With her social-savvy friend Freddy in her corner, Julie feels infallible. But as their bank account dwindles and one obstacle after another crops up, the business partners wonder if their venture is doomed for failure before the first bride walks down the aisle. Maybe the best way to succeed in a business based on romance is to find one.

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Martha Reynolds was raised in Rhode Island, spent a year of college in Switzerland, and is always planning a return visit. She completed an accomplished career as a fraud investigator and decided it was time to do something she really liked.
She now writes full-time and has set a personal goal of releasing a book a year until she dies. Her writing has appeared in Magnificat magazine and her very short poem was read by journalist Connie Schultz during NPR's Tell Me More poetry challenge.
Her novel VILLA DEL SOL won the 2018 Book Award in Literary Fiction by the Independent Publishers of New England.

Connect with the author:   Website  ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Kill and Run by Lauren Carr

 Join us for this tour from Jan 20 to Feb 28!

"Steps up several levels into an exciting category all its own. It's thriller, cold case, mystery suspense, and police procedural, all rolled into one exciting novel. Set amidst the political drama that comes with Washington DC and the Pentagon, a current multiple murder becomes a search years in the past. With a young, hot lieutenant assigned to NCIS, and his beautiful new wife, you have all the makings of a bestseller.  Nicely done, Ms. Carr!" - Review by Merry Citarella, Mystery Suspense Reviews

"The plot was well thought out and there were no loose ends at the end. The story was fast paced to keep my attention easily. The book is a treat to a reader who loves a mix of genres in their reads. It has the right amount of romance, mystery, action and thrill to keep me satisfied from the start to the end." - Reviewer: The Travelogue of a Book Addict

"I love how Carr writes. She has such great characters, and there is always something happen. There is always some kind of fire fight going on, and the way she connects things is just fantastic." - Reviewer: Paij Slater, My Love For Reading Keeps Growing

Book Details:

Book Title: Kill and Run by Lauren Carr
Series: Thorny Rose Mystery Series (Volume 1)
Category:  Adult fiction, 422 pages
Genre:  Murder Mystery
Publisher:  Acorn Book Services
Release date:  September, 2015
Content Rating: PG (mild violence and sexual suggestion)

Book Description:

Five women with seemingly nothing in common are found brutally murdered in a townhome outside Washington, DC. Among the many questions surrounding the massacre is what had brought these apparent strangers together only to be killed.

Taking on his first official murder case, Lieutenant Murphy Thornton, USN, believes that if he can uncover the thread connecting the victims, then he can find their murderer.

The case takes an unexpected turn when Murphy discovers that one of the victims has a connection to his stepmother, Homicide Detective Cameron Gates. One wintry night, over a dozen years before, her first husband, a Pennsylvania State trooper, had been run down while working a night shift on the turnpike.

In this first installment of the Thorny Rose Mysteries, the Lovers in Crime join newlyweds Murphy Thornton and Jessica Faraday to shift through a web of lies and cover-ups. Together, can the detectives of the Thorny Rose uncover the truth without falling victim to a cunning killer?

 Check out these other great Thorny Rose Mysteries::

"Lauren Carr's books are never boring, that's for sure. They entertain, give us a good mystery to dig into, keep the reader guessing, give us a few good laughs and make us eager for the next book. Warning: Lauren Carr's series are addictive, so be ready to read more than just one book!"  Review by Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads

Book Description:

Three years ago, the nation gasped in horror when the President of the United States barely escaped an assassination attempt that left two dead—the vice president’s wife and the attempted assassin.  Even after numerous investigations proved otherwise, conspiracy theorists argue that the assassin was acting on orders from the CIA, FBI, and every federal agency within a hundred miles of the capital.

Aspiring Author Dean Conway is the last person Lieutenant Commander Murphy Thornton wants to spend his Saturday afternoon when they end up at the same wedding reception table. While their wives tend to bridesmaid duties, Murphy is trapped listening to Dean’s latest work-in-project—completing the manuscript of an investigative journalist who’d disappeared months earlier.

“She was number twelve,” Dean says.

“Twelve?” Murphy asks.

“Twelve witnesses connected to or investigating The Nutcracker shooting have died either in an accident or suicide.”

Two days later, Dean dies suddenly―but not before sending a text message to Murphy:


Get Best-Selling New Thorny Rose Mystery Available Now!
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"Mysteries, murder, danger, and memories that threatens their lives keeps the action and suspense at a high level and even when the answers are found, it left me wanting more." - Review by Sherry Fundin of Fundinmental

Book Description:

After ten months of marital bliss, Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton are still discovering and adjusting to their life together. Settled in their new home, everything appears to be perfect … except in the middle of the night when, in the darkest shadows of her subconscious, a deep secret from Jessica’s past creeps to the surface to make her strike out at Murphy.

When investigative journalist Dallas Walker tells the couple about her latest case, known as the Pine Bridge Massacre, they realize Jessica may have witnessed the murder of a family while visiting family at the winery near-by, and suppressed the memory.

Determined to uncover the truth and find justice for the murder victims, Jessica and Murphy return to the scene of the crime with Dallas Walker, a spunky bull-headed Texan. Can this family reunion bring closure for a community touched by tragedy or will this prickly get-together bring an end to the Thorny Rose couple?
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Murder by Perfection is a wonderful read and a perfect to escape from the challenges of a busy day. Danger, intrigue, humor, and love all take their turn in this tale which will keep you reading into the wee hours." Review by Marilyn R. Wilson, Olio by Marilyn

Book Description:

Beware: Perfection has a dark side!

Frustrated with their busy schedules, Murphy Thornton and Jessica Faraday attempt to find togetherness by scheduling a weekly date night. The last thing Jessica Faraday expected for her date night was to take a couple’s gourmet cooking course at the Stepford Kitchen Studio, owned by Chef Natalie Stepford―the model of perfection in looks, home, and business.

When Natalie ends up dead and Murphy goes missing, the Thorny Rose detectives must peel back the layers of Natalie Stepford’s life to discover that the pursuit of perfection can be deadly.

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Meet the Author:

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, Chris Matheson Cold Case, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty-five titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor.

A popular speaker, Lauren is also the owner of Acorn Book Service, the umbrella under which falls iRead Book Tours. She lives with her husband and two spoiled rotten German Shepherds on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram

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Kill and Run is yet another fun read by Lauren Carr. I have enjoyed every one of her books that I have read and this first installment to her Thorny Rose Mysteries series does not disappoint. It was great entertainment getting to know the main characters and newlyweds, Murphy Thornton (a Lietenant in the United States Navy) and Jessica Faraday (fans of Miss Carr’s will be excited to know she is the daughter of Mac Faraday from a previous series). They are so great together and I could not help but to laugh out loud at some scenes throughout the book. The two, with their friends, get wrapped up in a mystery that needs to be solved. I enjoyed the twists and turns that I did not expect. For a light mystery, it was still hard for me to figure out on “who did it”. I would not have predicted the ending if I tried. It was a fabulous ride to take with the detectives that made me not want to put down until the last page. I had the whole book read in one sitting. I loved it. 

I am giving Kill and Run a very well deserved five plus stars. I can not wait to get my hands on the second installment to the Thorny Rose Mysteries. I am curious as to where the author will take her readers to next. I recommend this one for readers who enjoy romantic suspense and cozy mysteries, with a dose or two of humor.

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.


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Blog Tour: A Promise Child by Kathryn Spurgeon

About the Book

Book:  A Promise Child
Author: Kathryn Spurgeon
Genre: Inspirational historic fiction
Release Date: September 10, 2017

She can’t survive the ‘30s alone…

Sibyl Trimble does everything she can to keep her family together. Before falling in love with a handsome, penniless hobo, she lived a life of new cars, speakeasies dances, and fancy cloche hats. 

Then the Great Depression hits Oklahoma. The wind blows topsoil away, hundreds of jobless men hang around town, and the economy falls apart. Even Fremont, her strong, stable husband, grows discouraged and considers leaving as they struggle to put food on the table.

When disaster strikes again, will Sibyl and Fremont move on to California or try to survive in Oklahoma? Neither option sounds promising.

Click here to get your copy  

About the Author

Kathryn Spurgeon, an award-winning author and recipient of a 2018 Illumination Book Award, has published over a hundred stories, articles, and poems. She grew up on an Oklahoma farm before moving to South Korea, where she adopted two children. She and her husband, Bill, hold weekly studies in their home for international college students. They have six children and twelve grandchildren.  

More from Kathryn

Researching and writing about the 1930s has been a blast, and although it was the economically worst decade of the last century, faith, love, and life went on. It has been fun to glimpse into that historical time and find amazing and uplifting stories. Sibyl Trimble, my grandmother and the ever up-and-down, emotional but brilliant lady, did her best to create a great family environment. Seeking God, she also studied, taught, and shared about Christ in the midst of heartaches. Based on a true story, I hope this tale will inspire, uplift, and bring a touch of nostalgia to your day. The strength and courage Sibyl revealed can encourage us all and I am honored to share her tale with you.

Blog Stops

A Promise Child is an inspiring story. It is the second installment from Kathryn Spurgeon’s series, The Promise. I read the first book, A Promise to Break, and loved it. This one does not disappoint. I adored Sibyl from the start. I felt like I had a connection to her. It was interesting to find out that this story was based on true events. I admired Sibyl’s strength, courage and bravery. She had to learn how to cope through some difficult times in her life. Such an inspiration. 

I am giving A Promise Child five plus stars. I would love for this series to have a third addition to it. I love how Kathryn Spurgeon uses her talent to bring faith filled and wonderful stories to life. I can not wait to find out where her imagination will take her readers to next. She has earned herself a new fan here. 

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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Review: On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


All of England thinks Phillip Camden a monster--a man who deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But as nurse Arabelle Denler watches the so-dubbed "Black Heart" every day, she sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. And when their paths twist together and he declares himself her new protector, she realizes she has her own role to play in his healing.

Phillip Camden would have preferred to die that day with his squadron rather than be recruited to the Admiralty's codebreaking division. The threats he receives daily are no great surprise and, in his opinion, well deserved. What comes as a shock is the reborn desire to truly live that Arabelle inspires in him.

But when an old acquaintance shows up and seems set on using him in a plot that has the codebreakers of Room 40 in a frenzy, new affections are put to the test.

My Review: 

On Wings of Devotion, book two from The Codebreakers by Roseanna M White is now my favorite book I have read by her to date. Even though it is part of a series, I believe it can be read as a stand alone. The historical details were so vivid in this one, I felt like I was part of the story. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters, Arabelle and Camden. The plot has a lot I love in a book: adventure, romance, suspense and faith. I could not ask for much more than that.

I give On Wings of Devotion five plus stars. I look forward to book three from The Codebreakers to see what will happen next.

I received this book from the author, but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

View all my reviews

VBT and Giveaway: Capital Thirst by RW Buxton

Capital Thirst

by R.W. Buxton


GENRE: Paranormal Romance



DC bustles, the light from the city fills the night. But in the dark alleys and backstreets, only slivers of light from a full moon dance. In such an alley, a shadowy figure is hunched over a body. She lifts her head to reveal soulless eyes and fangs dripping with blood as she licks her lips with exultation.

Standing up, she wipes her chin, and tosses her long black hair, then saunters away.

At FBI headquarters, Gerry examines the case files of 18 wealthy men, dead, with few clues, no DNA, and no leads...

When predator and prey become one, no one is safe.



The Attack

Gerry turned, but she was there, her hands on his shoulders pushing him back hard against the hood of the Suburban.

She could smell his musky scent, and his blood, she could feel it coursing through his veins. His heart pumping thundered over the noise of the fans, pushing the precious liquid through his body. Her own desire to drink it in was near insanity. Her lips pulled back, fangs ready to sink into his flesh, her mouth brushed against his neck. The taste of his blood running down her throat would be heaven. She stopped and jerked back. She couldn’t kill him. Erin found herself questioning her actions.

What was she feeling? She didn’t believe in love. Never believed in love at first sight. Yet here she was with the perfect prey, and she wanted to know everything about him. Wanted to spend time with him, needed to be with him. The feeling she couldn’t be complete without him overwhelmed her. It was the only time in hundreds of years she didn’t kill the man she chose. She stumbled back half a step. Dazed by her own confusion.

Looking up into Gerry’s wide eyes, she saw horror and confusion reflected back at her.

“I’m sorry, I was so scared. I didn’t mean to push you back like that. It was just that I was so afraid standing there alone.” Words tumbled out of Erin’s mouth. Did he believe her? “I ran forward without even thinking.” Words were still coming.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I love a good paranormal read, something about the un-dead haunts the fringes of my mind. Mix in romance, love, loss, and you have a great story.

I voraciously read everything, fiction, and non-fiction but always find myself turning back to the darker stories. I’ve always wanted to write and the dream became a reality with Capital Thirst, and the remainder of the Erin Kingsly novels.

I spend most of my days designing and building websites, but my free time is devoted to my wife, family, and cats. Yes three grown children and three cats. Things can be hectic.

For fun you might find me driving winding roads with the top down or out photographing nature.

Info Links
@rwbuxtonauthor - Twitter

Buy Links



1.     If Capital Thirst was to be on screen, who would you want to play the main characters? 

This is a really tough question for me. I don’t watch movies and have no idea who any of the current actors or actresses are. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been to a movie in over twenty years. I don’t even watch TV. I read when I’m not working, and all the main characters are in my mind. For me the entertainment is envisioning the characters, not watching someone else’s interpretation.

2.     When not writing, what do you do? 

From 9 to 5 everyday I’m a software developer for the US Army. Up until a few years ago evenings and weekends were spent with my children going to lacrosse games and other family activities. Now they are either finished with college and moved out or off at college, so evenings and weekends are just quiet times with my wife.
I’m an avid amateur photographer and try to get out as much as I can in the early mornings to photograph nature. I love walking just as the sun comes up and seeing the wildlife and flowers in the morning light.
During the spring, summer and early fall I spend a lot of time with my car club driving back roads with the top down all over Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. It’s so relaxing to drive down a windy road and not come across another car for hours. 

3.     What is the title of your favorite book? 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is without a doubt my favorite book. I know it’s a collection of short stories but they are all connected as if they were written as a single book. There is something magical about Sherlock Holmes and I enjoy reading these stories over and over.

4.     Where do you find inspiration for your writing? 

The inspiration for my books comes from the characters themselves. Once I have a character in mind, I will write a short story with them. As I go along, I fill in their backstory and develop personalities. Once I have the character then I start thinking about story and plot lines that they would fit into.
The characters are always total works of fiction. I have never based a character on a person. I may use a personality trait of someone I know or have met but that’s it. I love creating their lives and histories and then putting them together and seeing what happens.
Seeing what was a thought, come alive on a page is very inspiring and pushes me forward to finish their tale.



R.W. Buxton will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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