Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Review: Return to Autumn by Rusty Blackwood


Are you ready to take the ride throughout the pages of this long-awaited two-part sequel to the 5-star, multi-award-winning, romantic fiction drama, The Perils of Autumn? The Meadows of Kentucky awaits your return.

The first, the anticipated, romantic fiction drama, Return to Autumn, picks up four years later, and sweeps you back to the often perilous life at Landon Lawns Stables. It is now April 1976, and life in Landon Manor has carried on for Autumn Leeves-Landon, and her mature husband, Cyril, along with their young daughter abby, and their astute, devoted housekeeper and friend, Agnes Harris.

Life in the Thoroughbred stables has also carried on for head groom and trainer, Manfred Montgomery, and stable foreman, William Brown, as they continue their ongoing quest to bring Duff Taylor, Landon Lawns' exclusive jockey, to justice for suspicious involvement in an unsolved racing incident from his past. However, Duff has managed to add to his growing page of secrets, that of which is about to be revealed within these exciting pages.

My Review: 

Return to Autumn continues years later from where Rusty Blackwood’s The Perils of Autumn left off. I was excited to have the opportunity to read this one and was not disappointed. I enjoyed going back to the Landon Downs in Kentucky. It was fun catching up with the characters and seeing where they are now. I was once again intrigued with their continuing story that had some romance, mystery and suspense. I loved reading it and could not put it down until the end.

I am giving Return to Autumn five stars. I recommend it for readers and fans of clean romantic fiction will want to read this one. I am looking forward to reading more by Rusty Blackwood in the future.

I received a digital copy of Return to Autumn from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

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