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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain
Princess Adele's Dragon (Witches and Dragons Book 1) by Shirley McLain 
 Publisher: Shirley's Book (July 23, 2022) 
Category: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy/Romance 
Tour dates: January 3-31, 2023 
Available in ebook only
220 pages 
Princess Adele's Dragon

Description Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

With the possibility of death before her, Princess Adele sets out to slay the dragon to save her Kingdom. What she discovers in her quest changes her and the King’s life forever. We follow the lives of the Royalty of Valdoria as their world is threatened. In this medieval story, there are good guys, bad guys, white and black magic as well as goats and dragons. Read this story of love, hate, danger, and evil. You will turn the page so you can find out what happens next in this gothic adventure.

Praise Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

“Princess Adele's Dragon is a book full of treason, friendship, love and even a witch who can cast some pretty mean spells. The real deceit comes when Adele and her brother find that two of the people they trust the most are out for one thing - to make the kingdom their own. They must hang on but at what cost? This book may sound deep but it is really an easy read. It moves fast without losing your interest and attention to the events taking place. I think it's a book young readers would enjoy. I did.”- Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish 
“An easy to follow read with complex story and great characters. I enjoyed it a lot and I gave it to my son as well. He enjoyed it and keeps reading the book. He loves dragons, this got him hooked :). So, I can easily recommend the book to young and experienced readers.”- Maxwell Flanagan, Goodreads 
“This book is a fantastic addition to the fantasy genre. It's one of the absolute best stories you'll ever read. It's a short, fast-paced book. The story is more focused on what's happening with the characters rather than describing the settings. I love this because it lets me use my imagination to fill in the gaps. For me it's great!”-Fifi_18, Amazon 
“It's a good story that's very fast paced, every chapter is only a few pages so it's a very pick up and read sort of book that's easily to digest. It's not overly long and outlandish. I think this author gets it. She understands that focusing on the action, makes the book a lot more enjoyable. At least it does for me.”-JP, Amazon


She walked down the aisle to her beloved, Anthony. When she got close enough to take his hand, she slid backward, having to begin the journey down the aisle again. Adele experienced the same nightmare about Anthony when she fell into a deep sleep. Adele tossed and turned, unable to sleep any longer, and sat up.

In the blackness of her room, she reached a decision. I realize what I must do.

The night sky displayed no brightness without stars, only blackness as pitch. Adele hurried as she dressed in the boy's clothes hidden in the straw of her mattress. Her secrets remained her own. Only she and the stable hand knew of her adventures outside the castle before sunrise. This adventure would be no different.

Her father made sure both of his children received the same education, and she often voiced a silent thanks to her father. She could fight with a sword and ride a horse, as well as her brother. She bested her brother in their formal schooling. He wanted to play instead of educating himself. Robert applied himself to his education not long before their parent's death.

Robert alone knew Adele's impressive capabilities with the sword. Their father wanted her skills kept secret if she needed to fight.

It would be her advantage over the situation. If something happened to her brother, Adele would run the kingdom.

If her quest failed, she’d no longer be alive, and her brother would be alone. He would be the only one in the family to survive.

Her parents, the King and Queen, died the previous year from the plague. At their parents' instructions, he and her brother left the area until the plague crisis passed.

They returned home without parents, and the country had no King or Queen. Her nineteen-year-old brother became King, and Lord Ashmore guided the new King in all decisions. They relied on Lord Ashmore, as their father had over the years.


Adele walked down the long castle hallway to the secret exit that took her underground, straightway to the stables.

She thought again of her father and how he ensured she had the secret entrance location. He told her no one knew about the secret exit except her, but she could share it with her brother if the need arose. So far, it remained her secret.

She lit a torch and entered the tunnel. She didn't like the tunnel's darkness, but the dampness didn't bother her. It was refreshing when the outside temperature got hot. She'd hide in the tunnel to escape the heat in the castle. She could move about in the dark tunnel as if she were in her sleep chamber.

The well-hidden trap door opened into the stable storage room. She checked it every evening to ensure it remained unobstructed. At the bottom of the ladder, she pulled her sword from its storage area. She carried it as she climbed the ladder to the storage room.

After Adele covered the floor with the rug to hide the entry, she made her way to Champion's stall. "Hello, my darling. Are you ready for a ride?" The stable hand saddled the horse and swore to Adele that no word would pass his lips about her. Johnny never knew how she got to the stables, but she knew he'd die before betraying his Princess.

About Shirley McLain

Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

Shirley McLain is a retired RN, wife, mother, and grandmother of six and Great Grandmother to four, three boys and one girl. She is currently living in Sapulpa, Oklahoma where she is enjoying her retirement to the fullest. She was born in California but lived her growing years in Oklahoma. She has done extensive travel within the United States and learned to appreciate each state for its own beauty. Her dream trip is to see Spain and Italy at a slow pace. Shirley has published a young adult mystery called "Crimes and Retribution", a book of short stories called, "Shirley's Short's and Flashes'' and a Christian poetry book called, "Verses For My King." “Dobyns Chronicles” is a historical fiction in which you follow a family through troubling times. She has published her educational fiction about Bullying. It is for ages 10 to Adult to help them deal with bullying in school. She is now working on a book of short stories called "Shirley's Compilation of Short Stories," which is stories of different genres. She plans on having this book out in December 2022. Shirley's love of travel, adventure and writing have created works that will hold your attention, and leave you wanting more. Twitter: Facebook:

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  Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

My Review

Princess Adele's Dragon is the first book I have read by Shirley McLain, as well as, the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by this author. I thought it was a pretty good read. I enjoyed taking this magical adventure with Princess Adele. I thought it was a perfect example on why going outside my comfort zone and read something that is not from my go to genre.

I am giving Princess Adele's Dragon four and a half stars. I believe readers who are fans of gothic, fantasy and science fiction between the ages of eleven and fifteen will definitely want to snatch this one up and give it a read.  I am looking forward to reading book two from the Witches and Dragons series to see where else Shirley McLain takes the characters. 

I received a digital copy of Princess Adele's Dragon from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion. 

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