Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: Freedom's Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli

Blurb (from Amazon):

Boston, 2015

Two years after nearly losing her life in the Boston Marathon bombing, Annie David is still far from “Boston strong.” Instead she remains isolated and defeated―plagued by guilt over her niece, crippled in the blast, and by an antique ring alongside a hazy hero’s face. But when she learns the identity of her rescuer, will he be the hero she’s imagined? And can the long-past history of the woman behind the ring set her free from the guilt and fears of the present?

Boston, 1770

As a woman alone in a rebellious town, Liberty Caldwell finds herself in a dangerous predicament. When a British lieutenant, Alexander Smythe, comes to her rescue and offers her employment, Liberty accepts. As months go by, Alexander not only begins to share his love of poetry with her, but protects Liberty from the advances of a lecherous captain living in the officers’ house where she works.

Mounting tensions explode in the Boston Massacre, and Liberty’s world is shattered as her brother, with whom she has just reunited, is killed in the fray. Desperate and alone, she returns home, only to be assaulted by the captain. Afraid and furious toward redcoats, Liberty leaves the officers’ home, taking with her a ring that belonged to Alexander.

Two women, separated by centuries, must learn to face their fears. And when they feel they must be strong, they learn that sometimes true strength is found in surrender

My Review:

I am just lost for words to describe my feelings for Freedom's Ring. I just keep going to WOW! Being a debut novel, I was not sure what to expect. Well, I have to say Heidi Chiavaroli nailed it! This is definitely my top pick for 2017 and among my top picks ever. I had no clue which way the story was going to go, all the way to the end. The quote, "His strength will hold me fast", really spoke to me. Great reminder!

This book is a fabulous Revolutionary era piece of historical fiction. I highly highly recommend it and would give it 1000 stars if I could. This is one book that is not to be missed. Looking forward to more by Heidi Chiavaroli in the future.

I received this book from the Tyndale Blog Network program. This book is 100% my own honest opinion.

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