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Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Accidental World by KA Griffin

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Book Details:

Book Title:  The Accidental World by K.A. Griffin
Category: Adult Fiction (18 +), 269 pages
Fantasy, Action Adventure
PublisherK.A. Griffin
Release date:    2020
Content Rating:  PG-13 + M. 
No explicit sex scenes, no fouls language

Book Description:

Ethan Scott thinks he is having a normal Monday evening, waiting for his grandfather, Pops, to return. Pops had left on a mysterious errand the day before, and warned Ethan that if his return is delayed, then Ethan will be in danger. Suddenly, Ethan hears creaking on the footsteps and barricades himself in his room. That’s the last thing he remembers as THE ACCIDENTAL WORLD by K. A. Griffin begins before Ethan finds himself transported to a new world that was like nothing he had ever seen.

NHHMM is a futuristic town, blighted by air pollution that is so strong everyone wears masks in order to breathe. Everything is alien to Scott: his surroundings, the buggies that people travel in, his classmates, and the headmistress who seems to know him, but who he has never seen before in his life. But there is one thing that is familiar to Scott, and that is the popular game, Conquest, that he used to play with his grandfather. Scott excels at Conquest, beating all of his classmates. He is chosen to play in the tournament that is attended by many in the town, including the Chancellor. But he soon learns his Pop has been captured and jailed by the Chancellor. Pop is part of an underground resistance that holds the secrets to a powerful technology that the corrupt Chancellor wants to obtain. Nobody is who they appear to be, and Ethan learns the truth about his parents and Pop’s true identity. The tournament is Ethan’s chance to save Pop’s life and those in the resistance who are trying to free him. Pop’s and Ethan’s fate hangs in the balance. What becomes of Pop and the resistance fighters? Will Ethan disappear forever if he wins the tournament, a fate that has befallen previous winners? Readers will have to wait until the publication of Book 2 in this riveting trilogy to find out what Ethan’s destiny is in the accidental world he has traveled to, and that pits good against evil is a world not too dissimilar from our own.
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Meet the Author:
A graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Business Administration, Keith spent his first career managing businesses and distressed corporations. His second career began at Amazon, where he started at the bottom, ensuring we all get the packages we need. He now manages 100 Amazon associates, and every day he still keeps an eye out for the latest novels coming through the building.

At eighteen, he wrote his first short story. It was a murder mystery only thirteen pages long. On Christmas morning, before anyone had the first cup of coffee, his family noticed that the presents under the tree were gone, and in their place were three manila envelopes. Merry Christmas! You must solve the mystery to find the gifts! It was this short story that led to a lifelong love of writing.

Keith currently lives in Texas with his wife, a dog who thinks she is a princess, a horse who knows she is a princess, and a rescue cat who is little more than a source of allergies. There is talk of chickens in his future, but every time he starts to build the coop, a critical tool goes missing. He always blames the cat.

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Guest Post:

Mother of Four-Legged Animals


We’ve been binge re-watching Game of Thrones, and while I can look with amazement at the way the characters were developed and the way the seasons flowed, I cannot forgive the ending. For me, it surpassed the underwhelming ending of True Blood to become the worst ending I've ever experienced.

So, in honor of this latest television binge, I’ve adapted the phrase so often heard in the series. My wife is the Mother of Four-Legged Animals.  She has a t-shirt that says I Want all the Dogs, and she does. Based upon her behavior, however, I think the t-shirt should say…I Want all the Four-Legged Animals. I realize that the latter doesn’t roll off the tongue like I Want All the Dogs, but in reality, I Want All the Four-legged Animals is far more accurate.

There is a horse that made the trip from Virginia to Texas, who simply couldn't be left behind. Then, there is the first rescue dog, who will be introduced in the sequel to The Accidental World. Also in residence is a rescue cat. Nearly starved, this four-legged animal staggered up to my wife and fell down at her feet. The cat, Jasper, looked to be on the wrong side of a street fight. Battered and bruised, he lay at my wife’s feet and guess what happened next. There is a trend starting here, so hang with me for a minute more.

One day recently, I was in bed, and my alarm had just gone off at 3:30 pm. (I manage part of the night-shift operations at a local Amazon building.) As I reached over to push the snooze button on my phone, my wife came into the bedroom and sat beside me on the edge of the bed.

“I want you to remember how much you love me,” she said. 

In my mind, warning sirens started going off. Nothing good could come out of a conversation that started that way. She paused for a moment, and then she spilled it all out.

"I was seeing a patient, and it was pouring outside. I happened to see this dog curled up in a ball under the overhang of an apartment building, trying to stay dry. I asked around, and no one knew who the dog belonged to. I asked the parent of my patient, and she said it was a stray and had been getting into the trash looking for food. I checked the dog, and it didn't have a collar. I took it to the vet, and it wasn’t chipped, and it was skin and bones…and then I brought it home.”

The Mother of Four-Legged Animals had another rescue. So the word is out in the animal kingdom. Go on an extreme diet for a couple of weeks, practice your most pitiful look, and then fall at the feet of the redhead. Because when you do, you will live your best life ever.

I've heard people say that they want to reincarnate as a soaring eagle, a wolf, a stag, or a bear when they die. Not me. I want to reincarnate as one of my wife's rescues because I know that she will never stay mad at me for very long, she will make sure that I eat before she does, and she will always address me with a patient and loving voice. Who wants to be a proud, majestic predator when you can be a pampered family member of the Mother of Four-Legged Animals?

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