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Review: The Silver Forest, Book 1 by J D Rasch

Book Details:

Book Title:  The Silver Forest, Book 1 by J.D. Rasch
Category:  Adult Fiction 18 yrs +,  466 pages
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Lamina Press
Release date:  May, 2024
Content Rating: PG-13: Non-explicit mentions of sex, and non-graphic battle scenes.

Book Description:

​“Engrossing, spiritual, thought-provoking and unique.” — Patrick J. LoBrutto, World Fantasy Award winning editor

Asmar, a young and naïve wizard, is sent on an impossible quest—to stop the renegade wizard, Malzus, from finding the tree of wisdom.

The Great Council of wizards, desperate to find the golden pulcher tree, the source of all knowledge, sent nine wizards over the impassable seas to the far away land of Bracat—only to face years of frustration and failure.

Until one of their own turned against them.

Armed with a golden staff to amplify his power, the rogue wizard Malzus fled the wizards’ city of Dolcere and began a ruthless hunt for the tree.

Meanwhile, in the small, protected village of Tuland, Asmar, a misfit, is suddenly called to Dolcere. There, he learns that he is to become a wizard, tasked with stopping the death and destruction caused by Malzus.

​The Great Council tasks Asmar with not only defeating Malzus but returning the golden staff to them. But Asmar doesn’t trust the wizards and their influence over him. Can he break the cycle of violence and selfishness and determine his own destiny?

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My Review:

The Silver Forest, Book One is a good introduction to J D Rasch's writing. I do have to start off that I am not a huge fan of fantasy fiction but this was a good way to go outside my comfort zone and read something new and different. The story is so uniquely written that I felt as though I was part of it. It was fun to visit a new magical world and thought the characters were ones that were easy to like. They find themselves in action, adventure, and danger. I never knew what would happen next from scene to scene. I found it to be unpredictable that kept me engaged and keep turning the pages. It so far has been an honor taking this journey with these characters and learning along the way with them. 

I am giving The Silver Forest, Book One four and a half stars. I have no doubt that fans of fantasy fiction will not want to miss it. It is definitely worth reading. Since this one ends with the perfect cliffhanger, I am curious and looking forward to the follow up with The Silver Forest, Book Two.  I have to see what J D Rasch has in store for the conclusion to this fantastical and magical tale.

I received a paperback copy of J D Rasch's The Silver Forest, Book One from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion. 

Coming June, 2024!

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Meet the Author:

J.D. RASCH is a writer, artist, social activist and author. His debut fantasy series, The Wanderer, explores social, political and religious themes. His writing, like his painting explores the mysteries of the world and our place in the greater scheme of the universe. For many years he worked in international finance, both in developed and emerging economies. Even in his work in finance he was interested in social justice, developing ways to assess the social behavior of companies. He also serves on a number of not-for-profit boards in an attempt to make the world a better place.

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