Monday, November 14, 2022

Review Tour and Giveaway: Side Launch by Brock Martin


Side Launch

by Brock Martin



GENRE: Fiction 



1939, Canada unprepared but defiant, declares war on Germany and mass produces a mid-size warship, the Corvette. Thus starts the creation and journey of Canada's first Corvette, the HMCS Collingwood. Neither designed nor equipped for the North Atlantic, Collingwood is tasked to protect convoys and take on the predatory Sea Wolves lurking below the waves.


Heart breaking wartime romance as Ian and Kate struggle with love in difficult times. Our hero Ian, takes command of the Collingwood. He is ready to fight with any weapon he is given having witnessed Nazi atrocities and now driven by hatred. Kate is the daughter of the Collingwood shipyards owner, a brilliant woman with a strong desire to make something of herself. She is ready to fight for her country, but first she must fight for success in a male dominated world.


Action packed historical fiction based on true events of WWII and the Battle of the Atlantic. Murderous Wolf Packs, German Commandos, a nail-biting secret mission, spies and saboteurs. Side Launch takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotion.


If you are a fan of history and love to learn, this Canadian historical fiction is for you.



There was a collective sigh as the Collingwood entered St. John’s port, even the ship relaxed with calm waters. The crew knew there was work to do but the pressure of performance was eased. The stress of the war was left outside the harbour or that’s how it felt. The HMCS Collingwood arrived at night and the entrance was as the Chief had explained. The access to the harbor was intimidating, much like trying to go through a hole in the wall. They had to navigate a narrow passage between rock walls, until they could relax at the opening of the bay. It was easy to imagine pirates entering the port hundreds of years ago.

The relaxed atmosphere didn’t last long. The next day in the officers’ wardroom Ian could hear what he imagined was the beginning of a fierce argument. Ian was focused on writing a letter to his father so he kept his head down and tried his best to stay out of it. The wardroom was a lively place and arguments and banter could, and often did, break out over any topic. Ian was reluctant to pull rank in this setting, and preferred to let it ride. This was the place where his officers should be able to feel free to express any concerns. He liked and respected all his officers and most of the time any conflict was good-spirited and he felt confident they could work it out. It was most often Davies who would stir the pot. He had a gift of pulling the right levers getting Kendrick and Plasket going. At times, Ian found it entertaining and the banter reminded him of his college days with Robert and the many useless arguments they would have for the sake of arguing.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Brock Martin, a retired captain, served ten years as a Canadian Forces Search & Rescue pilot before his current role. The Canadian Forces gave him the opportunity to travel many areas of Canada and gain an immense appreciation of his country. He has been involved in operations across Canada, including the high arctic.


His free-spirited upbringing in the wilds of Northern Ontario gave him a love of the outdoors and adventure.


Brock is fascinated with historical fiction. He loves to learn of past thrilling adventure through the eyes of fictional characters. He was captivated when he learned the very ships that fought in the Battle of the Atlantic were built in Collingwood.

The Battle of the Atlantic was a massive achievement of Canadian perseverance, dedication and sacrifice of its men and women. Brock wrote this fast-paced, action packed story to honor Canadian heroism.
















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Side Launch is the first novel I have had the pleasure of reading by the talented author, Brock Martin. I thought it was a pretty good read. It was interesting to get the Canadian point of view of the WWII. I loved the characters of Ian and Kate. I admired their bravery and courage. The book is full of action and adventure that made want to keep reading to see how it would all end for the characters in the end and if they would survive.

I am giving Side Launch four and a half stars. Readers who enjoy World War II era historical fiction will not want to miss this one. I would be interested in reading more by Brock Martin in the future. 

I received a digital copy of Side Launch from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.