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Grand Finale Blitz and Giveaway: Her Family's Defender by Kim Findlay

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Book Tour Grand Finale for
Her Family's Defender
By Kim Findlay

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Launch - Author Interview

What do you hope readers take with them after they read it?

People can change. Troy grows into a better man, and we see that reflected through Bridget's responses to him through the course of the story.

Also, what you see on the surface isn't always the truth. Michelle judges Troy based on what she sees - a hockey player without any problems, which is a stark contrast to her own life. She discovers there's more to his story. Michelle is dealing with her own problems, beyond the financial pressures that are apparent on the surface. And those rise up unexpectedly.

Mostly, I hope readers enjoy these characters, and the journey they take to find their HEA.

It's All About the Romance - Troy’s Tips on Parenting

Kids will lie about their bedtime.

Beer is not an appropriate snack...

"This book is so sweet, delightful, heartwarming and, at times, emotional. I thought it was pretty good. Michelle and Troy were great, relatable characters, with perfect chemistry."

If only it could have been Mitch, still with them in every way. Coming in hot and sweaty from a run and pulling her into his embrace while she squealed, and he pretended not to understand what she was squealing about...

Troy raised his eyebrows. “Hello?”

Michelle forced herself to glance up, and she saw amusement in his eyes. He thought she was tongue-tied from staring at his naked chest. As if. Yes, she was staring at him, but she could handle an attractive body. It was remembering the past that would bring her down.

"Her Family’s Defender by Kim Findlay is different from typical books that I read, in that it brought me into the world of Canadian ice hockey, and I thoroughly enjoyed it...

Kim Findlay has crafted an entertaining story that romance fans will enjoy, even those not particularly interested in sports (like me). I look forward to much more from this author."

He’s gone from winning the Stanley Cup, hockey’s highest prize, to battling cancer, and now he’s figuring out who he is after these experiences. He’s 6’2″, in excellent physical shape, and he’d agree that he’s good-looking. But his life is changing...

"This is a well-written book. There are things that happen to us in our lives that are hard to deal with and difficult to put behind us.

​This book is a wonderful love story with people who are dealing with many of the hardships we all have to deal with. "

E-Romance News - Excerpt

What did he want from Michelle anyway? He remembered all his own arguments against dating mothers. They had responsibilities, and that wasn’t something he wanted to take on. And just as important, they had kids, and kids shouldn’t be hurt.

Right now, though, the idea of responsibility wasn’t scaring him. It wasn’t a vague thing anymore; these were two kids he was attached to. Being responsible for them sounded okay. Better than okay. Being part of their family tonight, and the taco night...he’d truly enjoyed that.

And he’d move heaven and earth to make sure those two weren’t hurt.

"I loved this book! From when Michelle and Troy first meet until the end this was such an enjoyable and fun read...

I'd recommend Her Family's Defender to fans of contemporary romance, it was just wonderful."

"Her Family's Defender is the Second book in the A Hockey Romance series by Kim Findlay. . . . This is a great family friendly romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"If you are craving a sports romance that will make you smile and swoon, with characters you’ll quickly come to care about, then Her Family’s Defender is a great choice for you! The Canadian setting was a nice change of pace and, even though I know basically nothing about hockey, I really enjoyed that dimension to the story as well. Additionally, I loved the role that the characters from book 1 played in this novel despite the fact that I have yet to read their particular story. A cute story with layered characters and a sweet message!"

Michelle is focused on her family. She grew up in a military home, moving around, and enlisted herself, where she met and married another recruit. He came back from deployment suffering from PTSD, and eventually committed suicide...

"Her Family’s Defender was an nice story. I really liked Troy, who began the story as a quintessential bachelor, but by the end was intricately entwined in the Robinson family...

I liked Michelle. . . . I enjoyed their family dynamic, and especially enjoyed the way Troy fit right in.

...I enjoyed this title and look forward to reading more from this author."

“I don’t need a babysitter,” Angie spat out, giving her mom the side eye. “But Mom’s afraid to leave us completely alone at night.” For twelve the kid could really give attitude.

“If you don’t want a babysitter, what are you doing here?” Troy asked.

Angie sighed, burdened by these slow-witted adults. “Mom doesn’t trust us. She got someone to come for the night, just as if we were babies, but that person canceled. I can take care of my brother. I just need a responsible adult I can call if anything happens,” Angie retorted.

“Am I responsible enough?” Troy asked with a grin.

Remembrancy - Review

"As a hockey fan who is enjoying cheering for her team in the playoffs, what more could I ask for than a hockey romance? How about one with miscommunication and dislike between the guy and gal? Or with a couple of kids in the mix?"

Colorimetry - Occasions when coffee is required

When the handsome hockey player across the hall knocks at your door early on a Saturday morning to offer hockey tickets...

"I really enjoyed this one. . . . This book had all the feels, but also a good amount of humor. I just gobbled this book up."

Heidi Reads... - Excerpt

If he was honest, the day he’d been told the cancer was gone had been incredible, in a completely different way.

But that victory had been humbling and private, and something he hoped never to repeat again. The Cup he intended to win again if he could.

He wasn’t going to tell all that to a twelve-year-old, though, so he simply said that not much could top hoisting the Cup over your head.

"Emotion filled and reality laced! From the first page, we are captivated by the emotional journey these two characters are embarking on as they set out to pick up the pieces of their ravaged lives and find a way to carry on. . . . Overall, a solid read."

Don't forget to enter the giveaway below, if you haven't already...

Her Family's Defender
(A Hockey Romance #2)
by Kim Findlay
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
May 1st 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He has home advantage…

But she’s got a strong defensive play.

Hockey star Troy Green never gives up. Not on the ice. Not when he battled cancer last year. And not when it comes to his new neighbor, Michelle Robinson. Troy only wants to help the struggling single mom and her sweet kids, but soon he’s falling for her. Is Troy finally ready to trade in his bachelor life and become a family man?

Other Books in the Series

Crossing the Line
(A Hockey Romance #1)
by Kim Findlay
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
March 1st 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Icebreaker or endgame?

Can two devoted athletes make room in their lives for love?

Mike Reimer knows from experience that hockey and relationships don’t mix. And hot-tempered swim coach Bridget O’Reilly couldn’t be more wrong for the widowed pro goalie, aka the Iceman. As the playoffs approach, Mike’s growing feelings for her could melt the hardest heart. But what if being with Bridget means letting down his team…and, worst of all, himself?

About the Author

Kim Findlay lives in Toronto, Canada, with her very handsome husband, two strapping sons, and possibly the world's cutest spaniel. When she can get time away from her accounting business, Kim can be found traveling, sailing, reading, or writing, depending on the season, time of day, and her energy level. You can find her at, @missheyer74, or on Facebook.

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