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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Bobos Babes Adventures: A Magical Halloween by Karen M. Bobos


Join us for this tour from Oct 11 to Oct 22, 2021!

Book Details:

Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-10),  30 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book, Fairy Tale
PublisherBobos Babes, Ltd.
Release date:   September 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone. It's a children's Halloween-themed book about magic and sisterhood.

Book Description:

It’s Halloween time in the land of Harmony, and the Bobos Babes are ready for some fun!

When Angel Scarlett, Fairy Cora, and Princess Daphne visit Lily the Ladybug’s Boutique to look for Halloween costumes, they find Lily has left aside three special masks for them. The ladybug informs the sisters that they must wait until noon on Halloween to try on the mysterious masks but assures them they will have the best costumes in all of the land of Harmony.

The sisters can hardly wait, counting down the minutes on Halloween until they can don their curious masks. When the time comes, they learn their secret masks are enchanted, and the girls are magically transformed into the costumes of their dreams.

​After a fun outing Trick-or-Treating, the little monster, witch, and ghost — or sisters — agree that this was the best Halloween of all.

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Bobos Babes 

Meet the Author:

Karen M. Bobos began writing poetry and stories at the early age of ten. She is a life-long Chicagoan who now raises her family in the downtown area. During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, Chicago also became a city of unrest. Trying to keep her three young daughters in a world of magic during such scary times, the Bobos Babes Adventures were born. Her goal was to create a world of Harmony for her family and hopefully for others to escape, even if only for a moment.

The first book of the series, The Case of the Giggles, was published in December 2020. The Missing Egg launched in March 2021. The Lion's Secret was published in June 2021, a tribute to her mother and late father's incredible love story.  The Lovey That Came to Life and The Bobcat Birthday Party will be releasing in the upcoming months.​

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Luke, the Bobos Babes’ giant dog, seems to be a favorite character of many kids. Do you have a story where he is the main character?

Not yet, but I’m thinking about it. I have to wait until something comes to mind.

Do you snack while writing?

Oh, this question made me laugh. As a busy mother of three daughters who also has been running a wellness company for 15 years, I often forget to eat. I do drink tons of water and of course, coffee and tea (and wine in the evening once the kiddos are in bed). This year, I started setting alarms in my phone to remind me to eat.

It’s working.

You have three different illustrators. Is it difficult to keep consistency among your books?

I have been blessed to find three different illustrators who are all beyond amazing. They will often communicate with each other when needed. Brittany created most of the characters since she was my first illustrator. When have a character reference sheet with colors, etc. Jazinel created Lily and Gavin, and I just love them.

Who is your favorite character in A Magical Halloween?

Lily the Ladybug is my favorite character. She’s just fabulous. I love her dress, her hair, her bracelets, her shoes, her boutique . . . My niece, who inspired the character, has been going through a difficult time lately, and I put extra care into making her character as beautiful as my sweet niece is inside and out. Creating a character takes a lot of thought and work. I am a very detailed-oriented person. It works well for me that my illustrators are detailed-oriented as well.

What is the most exciting part of writing a book?

For me, watching someone’s reaction while they read the book. My husband is usually the first person to read it. I like watching his facial expressions when he smiles at certain parts. I want to entertain the parent and the child. Having a child say, “Read it again” is the best! I love reading reviews that really seem to come from someone’s heart. A good review means more to me than a book sale.

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My Review: 

Bobos Babes Adventures: A Magical Halloween is the newest installment to Karen M Bobos’ Bobos Babes Adventures series. It definitely will not be the last. I love the sisters, Angel Scarlett, Princess Daphne and Fairy Cora. It was fun and entertaining being taken to the wonderful place of Harmony. My favorite time of the year is Halloween and I love that this story is taken place during that time. I enjoyed seeing what costumes the girls pick out and what happens with them. 

Bobos Babes Adventures: A Magical Halloween is illustrated by the talent Jazinel Libranda. I thought her pictures are beautifully created to follow the story perfectly. It gives a great way for little ones to continue to stay interested and give them a wonderful visualization of what is going on.

I am giving Bobos Babes Adventures: A Magical Halloween a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who are between the ages of three and seven years old. It would be a great addition to add to school classrooms or local libraries. I can imagine it being a wonderful way to spend a story time hour. I would love to read the other books from the Bobos Babes Adventures series by Karen M Bobos. This one should not be missed. 

I received a hard cover copy of Bobos Babes Adventures: A Magical Halloween from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

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