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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Three May Keep a Secret by Richard T Ryan


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Book Details:
Book TitleThree May Keep a Secret: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Richard T. Ryan
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 264 pages
Publisher:  MX Publishing
Release Date: November 29, 2021

Tour dates: November 29 to December 17
Content Rating:  G.

Book Description:

When a meeting with a client goes disastrously wrong, Sherlock Holmes soon finds himself involved in a case of murder with two dead bodies and too few clues.

From some clear pieces of glass and a raven's feather, the Great Detective must divine exactly who the client was and what prompted him to seek assistance at 221B. Fortunately, Holmes has a number of experts upon whom he can rely as well as his own vast store of esoteric knowledge.

Treading a twisted path, Holmes soon finds himself matching wits with an unseen criminal, who appears to be the equal of the late Professor Moriarty. At the same time, he is tasked with sparing the monarchy any possible embarrassment that may stem from the investigation.

It's a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that finds Holmes and Watson attending underground auctions, using rare and priceless artifacts as bait and holding a late night vigil in anticipation of deterring a theft, all the while trying to understand how a priceless antiquity fits into their investigation.

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Meet the Author:

A lifelong Sherlockian, Richard Ryan is the author of “The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure,” “The Stone of Destiny,” “The Druid of Death” and “The Merchant of Menace,” and “Through a Glass Starkly,” all from MX Publishing. “Three May Keep a Secret” is his sixth Holmes pastiche, and he is currently at work on his seventh.

He has also written “B Is for Baker Street (My First Sherlock Holmes Book)," an alphabet book he penned for his grandchildren.

Among his other credits are “The Official Sherlock Holmes Trivia Book," a book on Agatha Christie trivia and the well-received murder mystery “Deadly Relations” that has been produced twice off-Broadway.

He pursued his graduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he majored in medieval literature. To this day, he remains a die-hard fan of the Fighting Irish.

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Guest Post: 

For Some It’s Always 1895

by Richard T. Ryan

In a sonnet, he titled “221B,” the late Vincent Starrett wrote:

Here dwell together still two men of note
Who never lived and so can never die:
How very near they seem, yet how remote
That age before the world went all awry.

In an age that has brought us “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings,” one might be hard-pressed to explain why a literary character from the Victorian era still has legions of fans. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Sherlock Holmes enjoys an incredible staying power among his aficionados.

After all, we’re talking about one man with no super powers per se – only a keen eye for observation and a brilliant mind that specializes in logic and deduction. His only “gadget,” if you will is a magnifying glass and he can often be found smoking incessantly while wearing a dressing gown (think bath robe).

Certainly part of Holmes’ longevity can be attributed to his many appearances in movies. He recently passed Dracula as the most represented character in cinema. Popular since the era of silent films, Holmes has been portrayed by many notable actors through the years, chief among them William Gillette, Basil Rathbone, Ian McKellan and, lately, Robert Downey Jr. Others include Roger Moore, Ian McKellan, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing. All told, there are approximately 300 hundred films which feature the Great Detective and the number keeps growing.

The Great Detective has been a staple on TV since the 1950s, with Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller – just to name a few – taking up the mantle. Lately, American television has been graced by “The Irregulars” while Japan has given us “Miss Sherlock,” in which Holmes and Watson are played by women. Holmes also surfaces on stage fairly regularly.

Each year hundreds of Sherlock Holmes books are published and the authors include basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; film director Nicholas Meyer; the late literary scholar John Gardner and Laurie King.

There are also card games, stuffed bears, toys of all kinds (including Lego) as well as apparel from socks to ties to scarves and yes, you can even order deerstalkers and Inverness capes online.

However, the biggest reason that Sherlock continues to thrive are the fan societies. The most prestigious group would be the Baker Street Irregulars who meet every January in New York City. Past members have included Isaac Asimov, Rex Stout and Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, both of whom were honorary members.

In addition to the Irregulars there are scion groups in many major cities –   The Criterion Bar Association in Chicago, The Diogenes Club of Dallas – as well as throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. 

All of these groups are dedicated to “keeping the memory [of Sherlock Holmes] green.” To that end, they meet regularly, sponsor symposiums and lectures and publish scholarly journals and books.

As Starrett might have noted in his sonnet:

Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.

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