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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Teetering on Disaster by Michaela Renee

Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee
Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee 
 Publisher: Bowker (January 11, 2019) 
Category: Memoir/Self-Help/Non-Fiction 
Tour dates: March/April, 2020 ISBN: 978-0578430805 
Available in Print and ebook, 316 pages
  Teetering On Disaster

Description Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee

Michaela Renee Johnson was just 12 years old in 1992 when a financial slump forced her family to move from an upscale area in Sacramento to a 27-ft trailer in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with no electricity or running water — so no Nintendo or MTV. It wasn't exactly the life that every adolescent dreams of, but it was, in fact, their reality. Michaela chronicles these formative years (and beyond) in her often humorous, constantly candid true story, Teetering on Disaster. As the young Michaela navigates her way through the inherently melodramatic teen years, she must come to terms with relieving herself in the woods, shaving with a 10-cent borrowed razor in an irrigation ditch and taking what she called "bird baths” with a jug of water. Somehow, in the midst of disorienting change, she learned to focus on what she was gaining instead of what she had lost. And in the end, she gained profound wisdom about her family and the world around her, and uncovered the truth about her own ability to thrive in the face of life's inconveniences. But the effects of her unorthodox upbringing don't end at adulthood, and Teetering takes readers along as a grown Michaela stumbles upon a few "Mr. Right Nows,” gets divorced in her twenties, and ends up right back where she started: a small mountain town in the middle of nowhere. Teetering on Disaster is a heartfelt, coming-of-age story written to inspire others to live a courageous life of authenticity and to speak their truth with grace. Michaela's book is an unapologetically honest, authentic tale that will make readers laugh out loud and cry — sometimes at the same time.

Acclaim/Awards Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee

Best Indie Non Fiction Novel, Shelf Media Group Non Fiction Author's Association, Silver Award San Francisco Book Review, Prestigious 5 Star Award San Diego Book Awards Best Un-Published Non Fiction

Praise Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee

“Throughout Michaela’s autobiographical story, she sent me through a rollercoaster of emotions. Not being able to identify on a personal level with the extreme of both of her situations in each half of the book, I still felt that as a human being I could sympathize, and it helped me to have a greater appreciation for what I currently have. Michaela’s story had me happy at all of her highs, sad at the many losses, and emotionally confused concerning her relationships. What it all boils down to is that at times, being a grown-up, and a female, can be very difficult.”- Rachel Dehning, San Francisco Book Review “I really did laugh, and cry, while reading this. I was able to relate to the experiences of the author, even though we are twenty years apart in age; the early years... amazing experience that family went through, creating a precious, ever-lasting bond between a young woman, her parents, and her two younger brothers. Her humor and positive attitude, her extreme frankness and humility (touched with a bit of narcissism) draw one to her. She, like the sweet doggies of the Great North, she is ever pleasing, forgiving, hard-working and never tiring. She relates to the dog world so much, calling herself Rio's mom, that she probably won't mind being compared to a canine. :) Being a dog lover myself, I think of it as the highest compliment! I wish I had her strength, her sense of humor and wit, her looks, her intelligence, her resilience and determination; I wish I had her ability to seems so Angie-Jolie-transcendent, and yet admit to being a little Grace-Adler-(Debra Messing)-ordinary ... striking and competent, clumsy and insecure... God bless her!! I wanna go through struggles and come out looking like Michaela Renee! One you just can't help admiring. Very inspiring. You just know she is going to be JUST FINE! She has spirit! She has spunk! And she IS LOVED... she will never be alone ;) When she least expects it her true love will curl up next to her, and he won't have four legs!”- Marcy Lundy, Goodreads “Laugh out loud funny, interesting & touching. Teetering on Disaster is like a Modern day "Swiss Family Robinson meets Jerry Springer"! You could know the entirety of the story and Kayla's writing style, quick wit, raw truth still entertains. If she wrote recipe's we wouldn't need the food channel. Buy it for every chick you know and earn major points, but make sure you keep one copy for yourself! Not just a "chick" book - man up and enjoy!”-Rick Harris, Amazon

Enjoy an Excerpt

SETTLING for a short while is not bad, as long as you still follow your dreams. BOUNDARIES and ENTITLEMENT are basic fundamentals to creating inner strength, EXPECTATIONS should be set, but it’s only when you let them go that they are met. DISAPPOINTMENT is the only way to see value in your blessings, COURAGE is being able to spend some time at rock bottom. FRIENDSHIP is everywhere but only found when you quit looking for it, STRENGTH cannot be measured by anything less than your ability to stand up when you fall regardless of how long it takes you to get back on your feet. JUDGMENT is necessary for one person to realize their own faults, FORGIVENESS

is the gift we are afforded to share grace with one another.

CLOSURE can only be created by the one needing it, otherwise
it’s not closure at all, CIRCUMSTANCE is fate and having faith when the direction of the road isn’t clear. CONFUSION is required to gain a better understanding of the depths of your soul because sometimes your mind and your heart disagree, LOVE allows the heart ease from the

greatest of all pains. TRUST is deserved and earned and should be considered a reward, CLARITY comes when all of those pieces arrive together in synchronistic harmony.

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About Michaela Renee

Michaela Renee Johnson is a licensed psychotherapist, Be You Find Happy podcast host and an award winning published author. She inspires happiness by encouraging people to speak their truth with grace, and live a courageous life of authenticity. Her business Be You Find Happy holds workshops and conversations on happiness in spite of life's setbacks and has landed her speaking opportunities across the nation. She lives in Northern California with her husband and son. She enjoys traveling and has visited 19 countries; she loves the ocean and everything in it. She rarely finds herself without an activity whether it be hiking, yoga, tinkering the garden, golfing, reading or spending time outside. In her most simplest she loves poetic quotes and all things metaphysical. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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  Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee Johnson

My Review

I found Teetering on Disaster: A Memoir by Michaela Renee Johnson to be a fun and entertaining read. I honestly did not know if I was going to enjoy this book at first but that quickly changed within the first few minutes while listening to the audio version of it. I loved Luanne Martucci’s performance. She really made the memoir come to life. I found myself laughing so hard at some scenes. I definitely understood what was going through. At times it was like it was written about me.

I am giving Teetering on Disaster four and a half stars.

I received the audio version of this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.


  1. Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed 'Teetering On Disaster'! I did as well.

  3. It sounds like an interesting book. Thank for sharing.