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Excerpt Tour and Giveaway: Magnificent Mind by Jan Christenson

 Magnificent Mind: Uncover Your Psychological Well Being So You Can Live in Heaven While on Earth

by Jan Christenson


GENRE: Self-help



This book will help you understand your thinking. You are never broken inside; you just need to take yourself, your thinking, and your life less seriously. There is a divine wisdom always present and waiting for you to listen to it. There is no one — and I mean no one — wiser than you and me. We all have available to us this wisdom that is ready and willing to help you to be safe, to be happy, and to live a most fulfilling life. There is really nothing for you to do except read and watch for a lovely feeling to develop inside of you. This feeling is with you from birth; it is your ever-present inner energy of psychological well-being. Most of us cannot experience this inner spark of well-being because we have learned to think of ourselves as inadequate. The words in this book are meant to take you back to the gentle feeling of peaceful contentment and love for self and others. Relax, and see if you can find your way back to yourself, your inner home inside of you. You need not look anywhere other than inside yourself to find all that you truly want and need. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like now; you are capable of turning it around into a heavenly life while here on this Earth.



We are born with a perfectly healthy state of psychological well-being inside of us. Day by day we grow and learn and have unhealthy thoughts that cover this state of well-being. As we grow, we learn opinions, beliefs, and judgments. As we are taught these beliefs and opinions, they seem to become truths that chatter in our heads. With ideas of how we should be, we then learn to compare ourselves to others. As we make these self-comparisons, we feel less and less of all of the greatness we have inside. We become open to all the thoughts of not being enough and not knowing enough. We don’t feel very capable of anything.

We are free at any time to untangle this web of untrue beliefs that we have developed about ourselves. I have found it very helpful to drop away the beliefs and judgments of not being enough. When you simply let the thoughts of being inadequate fall away, you will find that you have a whole new abundance of energy to put into your life.

This newfound energy can be used to reignite the greatness that is within you. This dropping away of beliefs and judgments of self and others makes room for acceptance and love for anyone that crosses your path. You simply relax into each moment of your life, knowing you have an inner space that is healthy and whole at all times.

This knowing of an inner health has come through living life one moment at a time, with no judgment of self or others, and acknowledging the clear, inner knowledge that guides me and keeps me safe at all times. Learning about the three principles has helped me to see these truths, and this process has changed my life completely. The way that I relate to people has changed, the way I treat myself has changed, and the way I see life has changed.

Worrying was a way of life for me: I worried about everything and everyone. I worried if things seemed bad, I worried if things seemed good, and if I wasn’t worrying I knew there must be something I should be worrying about. I thought that to live was to worry. It turns out that I was misguided in this belief, as I was also misguided in so many beliefs and judgments that I had learned. In my head, I had just thought that they were true.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I live in Canada. This is where my husband Rae and I have raised our two daughters; they are our absolute pride and joy in life. Along with a career in nursing, I received my B.A. in psychology at the University of Manitoba. I have also undertaken the study of developing an understanding of the three principles of mind, consciousness, and thought. This understanding has enhanced my life immeasurably. Following a workplace head injury and depression, I went through a long climb back to health. I learned of an ever-present, inner psychological health that I have always had and just needed to understand once again. The result of this knowledge has led me to a life of peace, contentment, and love. I hope this book will lead you to a similar place.












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