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VBT and Giveaway: On the Eighteenth of May by Jordan R Samuel

On the Eighteenth of May
by Jordan R. Samuel


GENRE: Romance



On the evening of the eighteenth of May, a young woman named Cass walks alone into a small village with the intent to stay for exactly one year. Cass soon meets two precocious children, a caring and generous business owner, and the Chief of Police from the neighboring town. Family and loss are parts of many of their stories, and while these people, as well as others, attempt to know and help her, the history and troubled memories of what led Cass to this place begin to gradually unfold. As the potential for love and the pathway for healing become clearer, the date of departure approaches. Cass and those around her will be forced to decide how forcefully they are willing to hold on: to the past, to the pain, and to the person.

On the Eighteenth of May is the story of the people and events that are interwoven throughout Cass’s journey and her life.  It is a story that examines the true test of strength in the deepest depths of sorrow, as felt by the human heart. It is a story that explores the perceived helplessness of those within the support structure, and the extent to which those we love can hinder or accelerate the healing process.  Finally, it is a story that reminds us of the overwhelming power of comforting influences in all of our lives, as our human souls struggle, against all odds, to survive.



She then noticed a clearing ahead, on the right, amongst the never-ending curtains of forestry that lined the road. She passed a particularly massive tree, with huge limbs and large leaves, and then caught sight of a splotch of white. It was a house, sitting alone atop a small hill and gleaming subtly in the muted moonlight. It looked abandoned and quiet, even starkly quiet compared to the vast silence around it. There was a dark bridge that led over the river and merged into a long winding driveway that led to the house. She glanced back up, and she knew…

This house is the most peaceful…in this place.

She took out the single piece of paper and pen from her backpack. Over the span of a few rushed moments she sketched out the little she could see under the growing canopy of darkness. She wanted to draw the house right away, for there was no predicting what awaited her tomorrow or whether she would actually even see this house again. She had not found it to live in it, or even to visit it. She needed only to know that it existed. She would have the drawing as a reminder. A reminder that there was peace, and it was here.

Upon completion of the drawing, which she determined was a fairly accurate depiction, she folded and tucked the paper safely into the right pocket of her shorts while advancing further into the town in whose borders she was now fully immersed. She did so in full darkness, with no visible creature in sight and no available lodging to be seen. She saw a playground ahead and finally allowed herself to accept the weariness that had been gradually creeping into her mind and joints. Her last memories of the day were a slide, the sound of crickets, and a makeshift backpack pillow.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jordan R. Samuel is a former public school teacher and administrator who enjoys her current work as an Assistant Professor of Education. She spends her days with her husband and her three children as she teaches, studies and writes. She immensely enjoys travelling, and penned many parts of this particular story while relaxing in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Jordan-R-Samuel/e/B087CB3RTF/



What advice do you have for a new writer?
My first bit of advice would be – don’t put it off! If you have the desire to try it, start it today. You may be surprised by how difficult and fun it is. There is something very interesting that happens when your creative capabilities are let loose to write on a blank canvas. I think people my age, who have long been out of school, may have forgotten how that feels. It feels wonderful!  So my advice would conclude with: start today, keep at it until you finish, then celebrate the fact that you wrote a story that may actually bring joy or healing or reflection to some other person in this world.

When did you decide to become a writer? 
In early 2019, I was busy working on two research articles for my university, which both happened to fall during a very sad time in my life. Not to go into too much detail, but one of my family members was very ill, and was lost and hurting and struggling. And I realized at that period just how sad I was, over the whole situation, over my lack of ability to help in some meaningful way, and over my complete uselessness to make things better. And so, one day I opened my laptop, but instead of working on the research articles (like I was SUPPOSED to be doing), I started writing a story. A story filled with sadness. A story filled with love.

I have never before, in my entire life, tried writing fiction. It was always something I had “thought” I might like to try, but had never found the time to do. Once I got into the story, I found the actual writing process to be very exciting, challenging, and comforting.
What does your writing space look like? 
Depending on the time of day, my writing space is either golden arches or water!
I do my best writing either sitting in my local McDonald’s (with a large coffee at hand) in the early morning or sitting on my back deck in the evening, overlooking a river, with a glass of red wine close by. In addition, however, much of this book, On the Eighteenth of May, was actually written as I was visiting at various times in the Lake Lure area, so it was definitely inspiring for me to be sitting among the beautiful mountains as I wrote about those very mountains in the story. I set my timer for one hour, and then, when the chime rings, I walk away from the novel writing for a bit and work on other things. I find the time away helps me as I process what I just wrote and reflect on how it could be better.

What is your must have while writing? 
My first “must have” is a beverage, either coffee for the morning or wine for the evening. Those are the only times of day that I write, so these beverages serve their purposes perfectly. I also have to have my outline, which I usually put together in great detail after I have written the first chapter or two. Once I really start to “get in the groove” I force myself to stop and plot everything out, in great detail. I read this over before I begin writing and then again when I am completed for that day, comparing to see if everything I wished to capture was actually captured.



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