Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Review: Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop by Maxine Sylvester

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Destination North Pole! Santa’s top reindeer, Vixen Pederson, is hosting a teamwork workshop—and Ronaldo has his flying goggles packed and ready to go!

In training for a sleigh race, the cadets must work together to win the ultimate prize—Jingle Bells! But Ronaldo’s dream turns into a nightmare when Cupid joins his side. She’s the worst flying cadet, ever! And his squabbling teammates are plotting to put her out of the race.

But Cupid isn’t who she appears to be. And when Ronaldo discovers she is the granddaughter of a world famous flying champion, he suspects she is guarding a secret. And the only way to lead his team to victory—is to find out what it is

My Review: 

I have to admit, I was starting to get worried that I was going have to go through the Holiday season without reading a new book Ronaldo book. So, I was very excited to find out there is a fourth installment from Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer series that just released called Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop. (Insert Snoopy Dance here!)

It was great catching up with Ronaldo and his friends. They learn some great valuable lessons that all readers – young and old alike – could learn from. The illustrations are vividly beautiful that will catch the eye are a perfect addition to the story. 

I highly recommend Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop. I guarantee you that you will not regret it. I loved it!

Five stars. 

I received this book from Amazon and was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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