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Book Tour and Giveaway: No Chance Meeting by Jaye Elliot

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No Chance Meeting
(No Chance Love #1)
By Jaye Elliot
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 393 Pages
February 11th 2020 by Living Sword Publishing

Alex Jennings is done with life. After losing her brother in Afghanistan, everything has collapsed around her. Getting laid off from her day job and failing in her art career, she has nowhere left to turn. She once had faith to believe that all things would work together for good, but that faith died with her brother. Now she just wants the pain to end.

Riley Conrad served thirteen years in the military until three bullets sent him home. After a year and a half of physical therapy and scraping together a living, all he wants is to live a simple life and perhaps even open the coffee shop he dreams about. However, the weight of failing his parents’ expectations doesn’t make it easy, and working as a bartender isn’t getting him anywhere fast.

Could a “chance” meeting between Alex and Riley set them both on the path God always intended?

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Had Alex received the text two weeks ago, she would have ignored it for a few days, hoping Mindy just thought she was busy and forgot to call. She tapped on Mindy’s name to bring up her contact information and stared at the call button. She would have to be honest about how she had been lately. Mindy would know just by her voice if she tried to conceal her struggles. Did she really want to delve into it? However, today had become about making things right. She hit call. The phone rang twice before Mindy’s voice filled her ear.
“Alex! I’m so glad you called!”
“Hey, Mindy,” she said through a smile.
“It’s so good to hear your voice.”
“Yours too.” Really, her friend’s bubbly enthusiasm was like a balm. She should never have avoided calling.
“How are you? I’ve been worried. I haven’t heard from you in ages.”
“I’m okay.” Alex paused for a moment. This would probably turn into a three-hour call. But that was okay. She needed this, hard as it might be. “Well, I’m okay right now. Things were pretty bad a couple of weeks ago.”
“What happened? Are you sure you’re okay?”
Alex nodded, even though Mindy couldn’t see her. “Yeah, I am. I lost my job at the post office.”
“Oh, Alex.” She could just imagine Mindy’s delicate face scrunching up to commiserate. “Will you be able to afford rent? I can send money. Don’t hesitate to ask. Any luck finding another job?”
Her friend’s rapid-fire questions drew a quiet laugh from Alex. “Thank you for the offer, but yes, I’m working again.”
She paused once more. So far, no one else knew about the recent developments in her life. She wasn’t exactly scared to tell Mindy about her job, but hesitancy lingered.
“So where at?” Mindy asked when her silence stretched out.
“Well, um, I’m bartending.”
One heartbeat of silence.
“Huh. Well that’s interesting.” 
Alex detected the surprise in Mindy’s voice but no judgment. “It’s not quite like it sounds. I mean, the job is, but the circumstances are a little out of the ordinary.”
“Do tell,” Mindy replied, now all interest.

About the Author

Jaye Elliot is an award-winning author, country girl, and hopeless romantic at heart. She loves a good hero and will always sigh happily during the lights scene in Tangled. She writes from her home in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, which she shares with three cats she considers her kids. When not writing romance novels, she pens fantasy and adventure stories as Jaye L. Knight.

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