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Blog Tour and Giveaway: A Goddess Among Men by Daniel Davidsohn

 "A Goddess Among Men is a fascinating tale of derring-do in the untamed wilds of the Amazon rain forest. Daniel Davidsohn has a writing style that is smooth, fluid and compelling. I found this story impossible to put down and completed it in just one sitting. The author’s descriptive prose of especially the rainforest, its flora, and fauna, as well as its native peoples, transported me there. I was beside the two men as they fought against horrifying deprivation and local political corruption to establish themselves in an industry where a few made a fortune and the rest either perished or were paupers, struggling along trying to survive each day. I particularly enjoyed the strong female leads in the story, especially the women that would steal Julian’s heart. All the characters were flawed and yet the author was able to arouse the reader’s sympathy and empathy even for the thoroughly crooked and, at times, despicable Alan Reid. If you like stories of generational power and wealth, this one will be right up your alley. I thoroughly enjoyed A Goddess Among Men and can highly recommend it to a wide audience."  - Grant Leishman, Author of Just A Drop in the Ocean

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Book Details:

Book Title:  A Goddess Among Men by Daniel Davidsohn
Category:  Adult Fiction 18 yrs +,  400 pages
Genre:  Family Saga Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction
Publisher:  Daniel Davidsohn
Release date:   June, 2020
Format available for review:  print, mobi (for Kindle), epub, pdf
Will send print books out:  USA
Tour dates: Jun 1 to Jun 12, 2020
Content Rating:  PG-13. Sex abuse description and a few situations of violence.

"Readers who enjoy literary-style writing, but with all the turns and twists of a full drama plot are certain to devour this lavish and exciting work by author Daniel Davidsohn. One of the most impressive elements for me was the character development of Christel herself, who could so easily have followed the tropes of a typical beautiful lead female, but has several layers of depth and emotional heartache that she works through as the novel unfolds. The plot is revealed at a great pace to maintain intrigue for the sins of the past, but it also has plenty of surprises and revealing interactions along the way that astute fans will pick up on. Overall, A Goddess Among Men is a very enjoyable work and is not to be missed by fans of high-quality writing and accomplished drama." -  K.C. Finn, Author of The Mind's Eye

Book Description:

From the primitive ruggedness of the Amazon rainforest to the privileged society of New York, three generations experience triumph and tragedy in this saga of loyalty, corruption, greed . . . but one woman has the power to change it all.

In 1907, Julian Welch and Alan Reid meet by chance in the jungles of the Amazon attracted by the riches of the rubber boom. Pioneers in an era of uncertainty, they form an unlikely alliance and establish the foundation for a successful empire, Reid & Welch. However, with Julian's death, the empire is left to Alan, as is the responsibility for Julian's newborn daughter, Christel.
Yet for Christel, there’s no growing up as a privileged heiress. Instead, Alan subjects her to a life few endure, much less overcome. Through her will to survive and being as uncompromising as she is beautiful, Christel puts the horrors of her past behind her and begins to build a seemingly bright future. But when the success built on corruption starts to crumble, Christel will be forced to address the past or pay for the sins of the fathers.

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Meet the Author:

Born in 1969, Brazil, Daniel Davidsohn's novels have been called exciting, gripping, and engrossing, garnering him praise and rave reviews. He is passionately attracted to unfamiliar things and enjoys taking readers off the beaten path. His books include From The Nile to The Euphrates (2009), Mare Crisium (2015), A Higher Power (2016), The Karma Code (2017), Leave Her Out, a 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Award Finalist, and A Goddess Among Men (2020).

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Guest Post:
Review by Joel R. Dennstedt

Early on in Leave Her Out, a post-political thriller if you will, Daniel Davidsohn introduces a host
 of highly unique and interesting characters to whet the reader’s appetite for a really good story; including an ex-President of the USA, his ex-Vice President and close friend, Mohe, a Native American, a strongly independent and estranged ex-daughter of the President, and a shy but quite ambitious young female co-gym-worker-outer with the aforementioned estranged ex-daughter. All within the first several pages. Not to mention that moment in Chapter One when the ex-President vanishes – quite literally – from a casual viewer’s eyes. And the mysterious helicopter, of course. So, your appetite is whetted, right? Good; you must be breathing. And the President’s sudden bizarre request for a mental exam? You didn’t really think that was it, did you?

The innate cynicism of Daniel Davidsohn’s engrossing and electrifying thriller, Leave Her Out, should be jarring, or at least depressing, for the more optimistic reader. Instead, it lends ironic freshness to a story where all the characters are flawed, especially the ex-President, but who are also merely human in their wants and needs and positive intentions. Even the villains share humanity. But it is the incredibly unpredictable plotting and unusual situations that will most beguile any veteran of thriller reading. Davidsohn keeps his twists so credible that one wonders why he does not see them coming, as if they are just the most natural next thing to happen. Very difficult to categorize or compare this book, you see. If you are in the mood for something quite unique in a rather over-worked genre, Leave Her Out will thoroughly satisfy your craving.

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My Review: 

A Goddess Among Men is my first introduction to the talents of Daniel Davidsohn. The first thing that attracted me to this book is the intriguing and gorgeous cover. I do have to admit that in the beginning of reading, I had a hard time getting through the first fifty pages. Once I was able to catch on as to what was going on, I was able to keep reading and not want to put it down. I thought it was a really good read.

In A Goddess Among Men, readers will find a variety of genres and subjects. I has a lot that I enjoy reading in a book, such as, history, adventure, action, mystery and drama. The setting was unique that I found to be fascinating and refreshing. The author details the surroundings so well, I felt like I was right there. The plot had some twists and turns that I would not have ever predicted would happen. My favorite character was by far Christel. She was such a strong woman for her time. I admired her bravery and courage throughout. I think many readers would be able to relate to her and what she had gone through. I know I felt that way. I enjoyed getting to know her and her family.

I am giving A Goddess Among Men four and a half stars. I would be interested in reading more books by Daniel Davidsohn in the future. I recommend this one for readers who enjoy historical fiction.

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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