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VBT and Giveaway: Dreams of Mariposa by LT Getty

Dreams of Mariposa
by L.T. Getty


GENRE:   Steampunk-Horror



Every decade, Marie must leave her home and everything she loves to start anew. She can’t risk the locals learning the truth of her immortality, much less her vampiric need of feeding off fear. Fortunately for Marie, fear comes easily and she spends her endless days mourning the loss of her beloved.

When she is summoned to the leaders of the masquerade, she is persuaded to assist them in uncovering a mystery of powers possibly more ancient then their own order.

As a rare daywalker of exquisite beauty, there is no society Marie cannot infiltrate. Having spent the last few centuries growing into her abilities, she expects to learn of the old powers, and return to her lonely eternity of mourning.

She doesn’t expect to fall in love.


I could smell the inside of the building as being more than simply old and in need of a maid. It smelled of old earth and iron. I sensed nothing out of the ordinary, which told me the devious one likely had means of cloaking. Curious, as most old houses at least had hints of hauntings. 

He led me past a set of stairs and into what was probably once a receiving parlor, but he had many dusty tomes and tall bookshelves, and a ladder besides to get to the highest levels. One could not easily get to the furniture, which was draped in ugly fabric. Boxes and crates littered the floor. The cad hadn’t the sense to tidy up and make an effort when he knew he was having a lady visitor. 

“How many of your kind are there in town?” Septimus asked. “More than a dozen?” 

I laughed, looking up at the ghostly pale portraits. He had strange tastes in art, preferring a more stylized appropriation than realistic or idealized beauty. I saw a reference to ancient gods, destroying towns and descending upon mortal women to force upon them their demi-god offspring. Half-naked women in chains being molested was his true artistic preference, it seemed. I should have brought Rosa. Even if he only dabbled in finger-paints, she needed only half an excuse to show skin, and perhaps I could have rooted around and discovered what he was up to without his condescension. 

“As…we like to keep to ourselves and go without detection, it is more like half that.” I didn’t bore him of the needs of the lesser of my kin. “Have you had many run-ins with my kind?” 

“I was curious about how you go about feeding without being detected.” He turned his back on me and lit the fire almost too easily.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

L.T. Getty is a science fiction and fantasy writer who hails from the Canadian Prairies. When she’s not writing, you can likely find her driving an ambulance and dreaming about travel.
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Who inspires you most? 
This is a hard one, because I see so much talented work. Often times, I think they’re collaborations and the hard work of multiple people, even if we were to pick a single composer listening to the orchestra bring to life a familiar song kind of floors me. 
The Single Writer who influenced me the most was C.S. Lewis, but George Orwell comes in a close second. Granted, most people assume their more familiar works such as Narnia or 1984, but I adore their other works of fiction as well as their non-fiction. 

When did you decide to become an author? 
I don’t know if I ever used the term to distinguish myself from ‘writer’. I always considered myself an artist, and the only real difference between being a writer from an author was when I started to get acceptance letters as opposed to rejections. I started to submit my first novel at 19, got some very minor acceptances into anthologies for the next few years, and sold my first novel at 28. It’s a long, slow process.

What is a must have when you are writing? 
I learned to write when I could spare the time, and my schedule’s always erratic. I usually like a drink, even if it’s only water.

What does your writing space looks like? 
Right now, I’m mostly writing at my kitchen table. I’d like to get a writing desk for my office upstairs, but there’s plenty of natural light on the mainfloor. There’s several nice houseplants, and currently, a tortoiseshell cat sunning herself on a kitchen chair while the guard dog bichon stands watch. My table’s a little cluttered, and I have a sea conch horn next to my laptop.


L.T. Getty will be awarding a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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