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Excerpt Tour and Giveaway: The Manual for Letting Go by Dr Eman Yasin


The Manual for Letting Go

by Dr. Eman Yasin


GENRE: Non-fiction, Self-help, Self-improvement



We all have undesired addictions we want to let go of. We try and try, but end up failing again and again. But what if the only reason we are going in endless circles of failure is the method we use to let go? Imagine you have access to an effective manual full of mental and practical exercises, the manual that's gonna help you get rid of your bad habits. Who says we don't have one? Now we do . . .


It's the book that changes the chemical reactions in your brain by reprogramming it. It will cause you to let go of whatever harms you spontaneously, just like taking a course of medicine to let you eventually quit your bad habits effortlessly, and, most importantly, enjoyably. It works very effectively, as this book contains a real story for a specific method with defined exercises and calculated steps. The method has been applied to several people, and it cured them completely. 



To know the nature of the physical addiction, collect information, and investigate, we launched Intelligence Operation 2, which amazed me and made me realized how ignorant I was. I apologize to myself and everyone who has smoked in his life, but we were really stupid, because being addicted to nicotine includes contradicting theories about nicotine being a drug that causes addiction. Although many famous studies published by WHO mention that nicotine is a drug that causes addiction, some other valid studies proved theoretically and practically that this information is wrong, that nicotine does not cause addiction. These studies highlight that nicotine does not meet the international standards established for defining addictive drugs.

It is also interesting that many of the first studies that recognized nicotine as an addictive substance stated at the same time that the treatment of physical addiction is the easiest part and it does not require much effort. Although the results of the studies in both directions are strong, I chose to believe in the most challenging idea that assumes that nicotine is a substance that causes physical addiction in addition to psychological addiction, so I decided to learn more.

Physical Addiction

Physical addiction is the body’s physical need to smoke the correct amount of nicotine necessary to avoid feeling anxious or disturbed. The nicotine in the cigarettes caused my body to get used to it, which made me constantly in need of cigarettes. Once the quantity of nicotine starts to decrease, my body starts sending signals that are common among smokers, such as distress, tension, lack of focus, and discomfort, which used to push me to light my cigarette for comfort and calm. These signs are known as signs of need (i.e., the body’s need for nicotine), but I will call them the signs of salvation.

Because the presence of symptoms is evidence that the percentage of nicotine in the body is starting to decrease, and because the cases in which the substance is not replenished these symptoms eventually disappear—a process that usually will not exceed ten days—it can be said that the person has rid himself of his physical addiction to nicotine. This is only the physical addiction and not the psychological one.

The addiction to nicotine is so weak that the average time needed by the human body to get rid of it ranges between three and ten days. As the graph shows, the peak of the signs of liberation happens at the third day, and then begins to decrease gradually to reach its lowest level on the tenth day.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Eman Yasin was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. She is the founder of the "smoker's friendship" technique, which helps smokers quit smoothly and happily. She is also the writer of the smoker's friend Arabic book, which was adopted by the Tobacco Control Club in WISE University, which is part of the Jordanian Universities Association, to combat smoking. Her career was built on a solid knowledge of self-development, project management (a valid PMP professional Project Manager since 2004), training, and professor assistance.

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