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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea by Ginny Fite

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Book Details:

Book Title Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea by Ginny Fite
CategoryAdult Fiction, 274 pages
Suspense/Paranormal/Time Travel
Publisher:  Black Opal Books
Release date:   September, 2019
Tour dates: Dec 2 to Dec 20, 2019
Content Rating: PG-13 + M (There are no explicit sex scenes but an implied threat of rape; there is some rough language)

Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is a combination time-travel fantasy, a historical thriller, and a modern-day suspense. Well written, fast paced, and intense, this one will keep you glued to the edge of your seat all the way through.  –says Reviewer Regan Murphy

Expertly combining the past and present, science fiction, and suspense, Fite weaves a tale that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end. –says Reviewer Taylor Jones

Book Description:
Sometimes the last person you save is yourself. Elena must take her city back from terrorists. Hana must save her tribe from the wrath of a ruthless king. They’re stronger together. The problem is they’re 4,000 years and 6,000 miles apart. Wounded during a terrorist attack, NYC police commando Elena Labat wakes from her coma aboard a Phoenician boat on the Mediterranean Sea to find a young girl lashed to the mast. The girl is Hana, who has trekked across Bronze Age Lebanon with Danel to prevent a king from destroying her tribe. Elena knows she must save Hana. And Hana must escape the barbarians who abducted her before she can find Danel and go home. Slipping in and out of unconsciousness, Elena teaches Hana everything she can, protecting her from barbarians, a priestess, and a king. But Elena’s family needs her, and she can’t stay in the past. Hana will have to succeed on her own.

Meet the Author:

Ginny Fite is an award-winning journalist who has covered crime, politics, government, healthcare, art and all things human. She has been a spokesperson for a governor and a member of Congress, a few colleges and universities, and a robotics R&D company. She has degrees from Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University and studied at the School for Women Healers and the Maryland Poetry Therapy Institute. Her three murder mysteries, Cromwell’s Folly, No Good Deed Left Undone, and Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder, are set in the rolling hills of Jefferson County, West Virginia. No End of Bad, a thriller, was released in June 2018. She resides in Harpers Ferry, WV.

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  1. What is the theme of your latest novel, Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea?
Sometimes you have to travel far away to find out who you are. That’s one of the themes in my fifth novel, Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea. In this genre-bending time-travel fantasy, historical thriller and a modern-day suspense story, two women must perform extraordinary feats to save their worlds. Other themes are sisterhood, the importance of family and community, the power of artistic endeavor, what gives a woman’s life value, the difference an individual can make, and the power of persistence.
    Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is the story of Elena Labat, a lieutenant with New York City’s counter-terrorism unit. Injured while fighting terrorists, she ends up in a coma. As she slips in and out of consciousness, she finds herself in ancient Phoenicia, trying to help a young girl tied to the mast of a ship. That girl, Hana, is on a mission of her own. Elena swears to protect her—first from kidnappers, then a priestess, and finally a king. Hana thinks Elena is a goddess, helping her save her tribe. But Elena is caught between two worlds and struggles to get back to her own before it’s too late. 
  1. In Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea both women characters are heroes. That’s fairly unusual in fiction. What brought you to that decision?
In much of fiction women are presented as decorative, helpless victims who must be rescued, kissed back into life, or tamed into accepting the roles society determines for them. Or they’re wild, evil witches who set the world on fire. (Medea, Lady Mac Beth, Rebecca leap to mind.) Elena and Hana, however, are heroes on a journey to save their people, themselves, and find their way home. Elena is trained and battle tested, but she doesn’t take her bravery for granted; she knows what it costs her. Hana is naive in every sense of the word and must learn everything she can to save not only her tribe but her own life. They endure many trials and tests and finally succeed.
I think we all set out on our own journeys unprepared and vulnerable, but to survive we must go out in the world, gather our allies, learn new skills, hone our talents, fight off our foes and find our way. In a way, this story is about every woman.
  1. You had to do extensive research in Mediterranean geology, Bronze Age artifacts, Phoenicians and more. What was your greatest discovery during your research?
I had so many amazing discoveries as I did research for Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea, but here are three that totally surprised me.
  • A team of researchers from Copenhagen University located a single mutation that causes the mysterious phenomenon of blue eyes. And all blue-eyed people are genetically related to a person who lived in the Black Sea region sometime between 6,000 – 10,000 years ago. --From Human Genetics March 03 Jan 2008, Volume 123, Issue 2, pp 177-187. 
  • The Phoenician princess Jezebel of Sidon was married to King Ahab of Israel.
  • When the African tectonic plate collided tightly with the Eurasian plate, the Mediterranean became a lake that, over the course of time, dried up during the Messinian salinity crisis. The Atlantic Ocean then broke through the Strait of Gibraltar 5.3 million years ago, and the resultant flooding created the Mediterranean Sea.  
You can see how your mind would be set spinning off into an imagined universe by these facts!
  1. What do you hope readers will take away from this book?
I hope Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea induces a little wanderlust for amazing places readers have never been. I’d like to think they will look at mosaics in a new way. I hope they experience an array of feelings, from anger and loss to hope and love, and a sense that all humans are connected. Perhaps some readers will investigate their own ancestry and find where their own tribes began. Mostly I hope readers discover we are the heroes of our own stories and we should never ever give up.
  1. What is your favorite travel spot?
Fourteen years ago, on a trip to Italy my husband and I discovered Sorrento. I had always wanted to go there, maybe because the song “Come Back to Sorrento” sung by Dean Martin was popular when I was young! Whatever took us there, I immediately fell in love with the place, the blue Mediterranean stretching out from the Bay of Naples, the palm trees, the narrow streets of the city, the plazas, and all the flowers everywhere. And the food—magnifico. Perhaps that’s where the idea for Blue Girl began.
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My review: 

Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is my first introduction to Ginny Fite’s writing. I thought it was pretty good. I was interested in meeting Elena and Hana. They were intriguing women from different eras and centuries apart and have had their own hardships and heart aches. They are drawn into visions that they have to figure out what they mean. The story is full of action packed adventure and thrilling they left me guessing as to what was going to happen next and wondering where the author was taking me on this thrilling ride. It is mostly captivating that made me want to keep reading and turning the pages. However, there were a few areas that did slow the pace down a bit but quickly picked back up again. 

I enjoyed Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea. I thought Miss Fite’s writing style was unique and found it refreshing to read something a little different. It is perfect example as why readers should go outside their comfort zone and read something new. It is definitely worth it at times with this book included. I am happy I gave it a chance. I am sure other readers would be to. I am giving it three and a half stars. It is a good story that it is worth reading and not be missed. I liked it and would like to read more by this author in the future. I am sure she has more really good tales to tell. 

I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this thrilling thrill ride! Perfect for someone on my Christmas List.