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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Mommy's Oven by Brandi Pearce


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Book Details:

Book Title:  Mommy's Oven by Brandi Pearce
CategoryChildren's Non-Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre:  Children's Non-Fiction Picture Book
PublisherMascot Books
Release date:   Feb 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone. Suitable for all ages.

Book Description:

In this true story, young August learns about how he will get a new little brother. He learns of how his little brother will grow in someone else's tummy, not his mommy's. Will he look like Augie? Will he grow for too long? Will Augie get to take his little brother home once he is born? Join August on this new, exciting adventure of getting a new little brother in a very unique way. If you are looking for a way to help your children understand that families can be created in many different ways, this is a story to keep on your bookshelf!

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Meet the Author:

Having battled Crohn’s Disease for most of her life and after undergoing 82 abdominal surgeries, Brandi Pearce knew she wouldn’t be able to carry children of her own. After a successful surrogacy resulted in her son, August, years later, she wondered how to explain to August that he was getting a new brother who was growing in someone else’s belly. That’s when Mommy’s Oven, Pearce’s debut children’s, book was born. Pearce wants other parents to be able to teach their own children that every family creation is unique and special. She hopes to inspire hope in overcoming adversity, as well as true miracles with this book.

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Why I wrote the book? When my husband and I started trying to have children, I already knew my medical history would play a big role in that endeavor. I didn’t realize how big until I received the call that ripped my heart out. I would never be able to carry a child. But God has a way of bringing beautiful miracles out of some of our worst nightmares. As scary and hard as surrogacy was, it turned into one of the most amazing life changing experiences I have ever had.

What august thinks of being a part of it? Kids always loving hearing bedtime stories where they play the main character. So of course, when I came up this with this story, what better way to tell it than from his own perspective. Hearing the story for him in the beginning was more like learning a new lesson, but to see himself on the page and realize people were reading about him and his family seemed to mean something completely different. He was proud of his story. He was proud of his family and this cool unique process we got to go through.

Unique Angel story? When I was sick in the hospital with Crohn’s, a woman from my church embroidered an angel design and told all her followers they could have the design for free, if they would send one to me and let me know they were praying for me and thinking of me. I received 1,000’s of angels from all over the world. I want Mommy’s Oven to help others in the same way those angels helped me. I want to give hope, support and encouragement in facing this hard reality. These families are not alone.

Are there other books like Mommy’s Oven? The exciting, driving force behind writing Mommy’s Oven was that no matter how hard we looked, we have yet to find another story out there like it. Another story with the same purpose of teaching children about surrogacy

About future endeavors? This book has meant so much to me and my family. It has led me to a world of writing that I had no idea I loved so much! There may soon be a series called The Adventures of Augie and Ollie that helps kids comprehend difficult life struggles. I am also working on an inspirational personal story of my life-long battle with Crohn’s disease.

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 My Review: 

Mommy's Oven is the first book I have read by Brandi Pearce. I thought it was a great resource for parents and their first born children to sit down and discuss a baby growing in mommy’s belly and soon to be born. I like that it helped to get young ones excited and ready to have a little brother and / or sister in the near future. The book does have a few laugh out loud moments that helps keep the child captivated with the story. It is amusing, as well as, a pleasure to read. My family enjoyed reading it. 

Mommy's Oven is wonderfully illustrated by the talented Nazar Horokhivskyi. I thought the pictures perfectly shadows the story. They easily keep younger readers attention and want to continue to follow along with each page. The pictures were fun and entertaining to see. At times, they were silly and funny, too. 

I am giving Mommy's Oven four and a half stars. I recommend it for readers who are between the ages of three and eight years old. Especially, for those who have a sibling soon to be born. And, also, for parents who want to help them understand about their mommy carrying the sibling in the tummy. I believe it will help little ones have a better understanding about this exciting time. It would be a good addition in a pediatrician or obstetrician’s office. 

I received Mommy's Oven from the publisher. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

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  1. Thank you so much for this detailed review!! I hope it does exactly as you said and helps many families.